End-of-Life Policy




Robustel products will go through a defined product life cycle and eventually reach their end of life (EOL or End-of-Life) and a Robustel product/service may enter the End-of-Life process for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

- Availability of newer, more technologically advanced products

- Market demand

- Material availability

- Design Optimization


Robustel also recognizes that End-of-Life (EOL) milestones often prompt companies to review the impact to the Robustel products, services, or subscriptions in their networks. With that in mind, we have set out below Robustel's End of Life milestones to help manage EOL transitions and to explain the role that Robustel can play in helping to migrate to alternative Robustel platforms and technology.




Any Robustel product EOL will be communicated to channel partners via email six months1 before its End-of-Sale date, or posted on the Robustel website2. EOL products are removed from the pricebook and Datasheets and are no longer available for purchase after the End-of-Sale date.

End-of-Life Effective Date: The date on which Robustel announces to the public the End-of-Sale and End-of-Services dates for a Robustel product/service.

End-of-Sale Date: The last date to order and ship the product/service through Robustel Channel Partners (typically six months after the End-of-Life Effective date).

End-of-Services Date: The date through which Robustel supports the specified product/service, which includes warranty and technical support (typically the default warranty period for this product3).

1 Except for uncontrollable factors

2 Only when the entire product series is EOL will it be released to the website

3 Please refer to: https://www.robustel.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Robustel-RMA-and-Warranty-Policy.pdf


End-of-Life Product List


Please contact us for recommendations on alternative solutions.

Product EOL Effective End of Sale End of Services Replacement Product
M1000 USB 2020.09.28 2021.03.28 2023.03.28 M1000 MP/M1200
R2000 2022.07.08 2023.04.08 2025.04.08 R2010
R2000 Ent 2022.07.08 2023.04.08 2025.04.08 -
R2000 Lite 2022.07.08 2022.09.30 2023.09.30 R2010
MEG5000 2022.07.25 2022.09.30 2024.09.30 EG5100/EG5120