RobustOS Pro (ROS PRO) is Robustel's latest operating system for Robustel’s new range of Edge Computing Gateways.

Built on a Debian Linux distribution, ROS PRO is effectively two operating systems in one.


By allowing root access to the Debian environment, customers can easily port existing ARM based applications from other similar hardware environments like the Raspberry Pi & other low cost SBCs.


Customers can simultaneously access the user-friendly ROS PRO GUI environment that makes things like modem, VPN and general router management fast and simple.


The user experience is ultimately that of an embedded PC and 4G/5G router in one – which is a very cost-effective and desirable way to implement modern IoT and Industrial Automation systems.


ROS PRO has a rich application ecosystem. In addition to the applications developed by Robustel, users can also access over 50,000 existing applications in the Debian repository & re-deploy existing software using containerisation tools like Docker.


ROS PRO comes with its own SDK. Users can use C, C++, Java, Python, Node.js, and other programming languages to quickly and easily customize and develop applications within the ROS PRO environment.


ROS PRO connects via MQTT to Robustel’s free Router/Gateway monitoring platform – RCMS.

This provides remote monitoring and management of whole fleets of devices from a secure MS Azure based environment.

ROS Pro with laptop mockup

Features and Benefits

1 – ARMv8 compatible environment meaning existing software from SBCs like the Raspberry Pi can be installed without modification

2 – “Crash-free” robust file system for industrial applications with unpredictable power sources

3 - Over-the-air (OTA) software updates make management of long-lifetime industrial projects easy

4 – Supports Docker and other similar containerisation technologies for easy software deployment

5 - Simple and easy-to-use SDK tools. Users can very easily access hardware and I/O interfaces for application development.
6 – “Flash Manager” utility can be used to check that your software will not ‘wear out’ onboard Flash memory prematurely
7 – Follows Debian’s cybersecurity principles as well as in-house patching for 10 year secure operation
8 – Free monitoring platform – RCMS – provides a brilliantly integrated cloud based platform essential for large-scale deployments


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