Industrial Automation Solutions

In today’s fast-moving business arena, automation technology is becoming a critical way to develop sustainable and efficient processes. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is opening new doors for businesses to take their operations to the next level by streamlining workflow.

Automated industries from manufacturing to retail, utilities and transportation are using technology in countless ways. From sensors connected to wireless networks that gather and share data, to process automation robotics that uses software technology to build and manage robots that can perform manual tasks, no two businesses are using technology the same way.

Whether you’re after hardware or a complete “IoT box” deployment, Robustel will help find the right service or product for your business. With secure and scalable, easy-to-use networks, our solutions will get things connected.

Automated Industrial Technologies

Industrial automation solutions are changing the way industries function. Manual intensive work can now be streamlined and more efficient decisions can be made, thanks to a consistent and measurable flow of data. One such example is the use of automation in the transportation industry.

Farmers face a lot of challenges from water shortages to the environment, and increasing costs. Robustel industrial automation solutions are helping farmers to grow more by using less through the aid of technology in precision agriculture.

Factory Automation 

Not only are robots and automated systems commonplace on farms, they’re also sweeping onto factory floors. Factory automation systems can streamline factory workflow and increase productivity while also boosting the quality of the product and sustainability of the business. The right solution for your factory automation system will vary, with some using software to aid human workers and tackle more dangerous tasks, while other systems are completely hands-off.

Industrial automation solutions are optimising facility management by simplifying processes and removing the need for humans to complete repetitive tasks. Programmed facility management systems can:

Industrial Control System 

Industrial control systems (ICS) are a collection of control systems, devices, systems and networks that automate industrial processes. These industrial automation systems may have a different function depending on the industry.

Industrial automation control processes automate the handling, production and distribution of a product. Using automation solutions, you can combine data and device control into one dashboard that can then be used to control all layers of the production process.

Remote Machine Access 

Robustel offers secure and reliable solutions for cloud-based applications so that you have access from anywhere. Control your systems with the touch of a button, addressing issues as they arise without an appearance on-site or at the office.

Remote Site Networking

Reliable, flexible and secure solutions are critical in creating a secure virtual private network (VPN) between machines and physical location. Robustel’s cloud software platform will give remote site-users access to cloud based applications without having to go to the primary site.

What is industrial automation? 

Industrial automation is the integration of technology into an industry to replace human operators. Control networks are at the core of industrial automation, acting to connect applications on one channel. Automated processes can range across industries from farming automation with scheduled irrigation systems, to IoT traffic management with the automatic control of things like traffic lights.

How does automation work? 

Through automation, repetitive tasks are digitised and made to operate automatically - with very limited human intervention. Automation works by using control systems and equipment like software and robotics to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Automation increases productivity and efficiency and leaves less room for human error.

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