Smart Transportation

As our transportation networks grow, urban infrastructure and traffic management systems are under more pressure to perform.

In recent years, smart city traffic management strategies have been driving growth and redevelopment in the industry. The Internet of Things in transportation leverages various connected technologies to monitor, evaluate and manage transportation systems. Operators can make informed decisions that improve driver mobility, while also reducing congestion and accidents. These strategies can also help improve:

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Smart Public Transport

From buses to trains and even taxis, IoT in transportation has practical uses in keeping passengers connected wherever they travel. 

A connected public transit system can make journeys safer and more efficient. Operators are able to use collected data to ensure services are performing and meeting customer’s needs. Using a smart information transport solution, passengers can also be notified of network interruptions and delays in travel. Connecting to high-speed wireless for public transport not only allows passengers to track arrival and departure using real-time monitoring, but online payment options can also make the public transport system more efficient. Operators can also make sure of this data to shed insight into servicing and timetabling to improve the passenger’s experience.

Smart Traffic Management

Busy road networks can be more efficiently managed by using IoT traffic solutions. Using technologies such as sensors, IoT cameras, routers and connected devices, accurate real-time data can be collected from remote locations and relayed to a central server. Operators are able to make informed decisions that optimise traffic flow with smart traffic lights, or adjust speed limits or roadside signage. These smart traffic management solutions are particularly useful when it comes to:

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Warehouse and Logistics Management

An intelligent transport system can leverage technology to streamline operations. Managers  can securely send stock or up-to-date information to vehicles and staff. Warehouses and transport logistics can benefit from IoT technologies by: 

Vehicle Safety

Safety is another field seeing the positive impacts of IoT transportation solutions. While technologies like dash cameras and security systems are already in use, there is often delay with footage needing to be reviewed at a later time. A connected smart transportation system ensures that data is sent through a reliable and secure network in real-time. Drivers can check in on their vehicle or transmit data in an emergency to ensure a fast response. 

Whether you are looking to improve your traffic management system or create a smoother travel journey for your transit passengers, Robustel has an industrial solution for you. We’ll help connect critical infrastructure to your smart transportation systems with customisable and easy-to-deploy solutions. Speak to one of our experts on how we can help you today.