Industrial 5G Routers

Accelerate Industrial Connectivity with 5G Routers

Industries are rapidly introducing a suite of IoT technologies to improve the productivity and cost-efficiency of their operations. Sensors, robotics and automated systems are all common in networks across various industries, from medical to manufacturing.  Say goodbye to restrictions and welcome a new wireless performance age that will transform your business operations. You can unleash previously unheard-of speed, dependability, and efficiency with 5G routers, giving your company the tools it needs to succeed in the digital era. Discover the transformational possibilities of 5G and maximize your industrial connection. 5G wireless router technology enables this expeditious deployment of high-speed IoT applications and enables industries to increase their network bandwidth, while reducing latency and costs. Robustel’s 5G industrial wireless router, the R5020, brings the next generation of cellular connectivity to your industry. R5020 enables rapid response times, and maintains reliable and stable communications in harsh industrial environments.

Industrial 5G Router Applications

Wireless 5G router technologies offer new flexibility and performance to businesses and industries that are looking for faster response times with a reliable and stable connection. While 5G routers can be applied to a range of networking issues, the goals remain the same - increase bandwidth, reduce latency and improve the reliability of communications.  Below are a few examples of industries that can benefit from leveraging 5G router capabilities.   
  • Pipeline network monitoring. Monitor heat, water supply and environmental conditions in real-time. These updates can be used to alert controllers to any potential issues or disruptions before they hit a critical point. 
  • Agriculture. Supervise water and rain levels, land resources and crop conditions, without needing to be on site. With a connected network, farmers can also remotely control autonomous systems like machinery and irrigation, adjusting settings as needed. 
  • Wireless finance. By leveraging 5G, businesses can ensure that ATM’s, POS and banking systems remain online, creating a reliable network and avoiding disruptions to sales. 
  • Smart city infrastructure and traffic management. 5G industrial wireless routers deliver seamless data transmission to manage, monitor and secure connected devices in a smart city network. This can include anything from traffic light systems to car security monitoring and street lighting controls.
  • Transportation. 5G helps transport networks operate smoothly. Whether it’s passenger WiFi, CCTV or onboard ticketing, 5G offers reliable internet speeds for passengers. 
  • Oil and gas. 5G networks that operate in harsh industrial environments are ideal for monitoring conditions from afar. Using real-time data, operators can respond quickly to any disruptions or issues. 

5G Industrial Router Benefits 

5G industrial router technology is the communication backbones that reliably and securely connects operators to the data they need to make informed decisions, from any location.   A 5G IoT industrial router is a significant upgrade from a 4G industrial LTE router and comes with many benefits. 
  • Lower latency means data can be transferred, updated and refreshed much quicker leading to more accurate real-time data. 
  • Higher capacity to operate more devices at a single time without slowing down the network, improving productivity. 
  • Higher speed to enable real-time data like video. 
  • More cost-efficient by reducing the need to run expensive cabling to connect devices 
  • More reliable and offer backup connectivity, ensuring that operations remain uninterrupted
  • In the event of an outage, the R5020 can be configured with 5G failover router capabilities.

Robustel 5G Industrial routers key features

The R5020, a 5G industrial router by Robustel, has an array of features, such as:
  • Supports global 5G/4G/3G cellular connections. 
  • Supports Ethernet, WiFi and 4G/5G internet with auto-failover.
  • A cost-effective industrial 5G router solution.
  • Fully programmable operating system with well documented SDK. 
  • VPN options including DMVPN & IPSEC. 
  • Ideal for vehicles with GNSS, ignition sense and E-mark capabilities. 
  • Utilise RCMS - Robustel’s free cloud management platform.
  • Robustel metal enclosure with small footprint - DIN-rail and wall mount options.

Upgrade to Robustel's 5G Industrial Routers and supercharge your industrial connectivity

The shift to 5G is only gaining even more momentum across varying industries. Robustel’s 5G router solutions will get you connected, saving you valuable time and money.  Ready to make the shift? Contact us to see how we can help get you connected. We don’t just deliver you a solution out of the box - our team is here to help customise and support you through the entire process.