IoT Accessories

IoT technology bridges the gap between physical and virtual, driving industry and businesses forward with technologies like sensors, automation and robotics. These smart solutions boost productivity and efficiency, have a range of functions and often need to be customised to meet specific needs. 


That's where IoT-specific accessories can help. From antenna connectors to router accessories, Robustel has an accessory to suit your devices and create customised solutions for your IoT technology. 


IoT devices rely on connectivity to communicate with gateways and other devices in the network - this connectivity is enabled by antennas. As IoT devices have evolved to become smaller, antennas are now heavily relied on for highly efficient and stable connections. Whether you’re after an outdoor WiFi antenna to support your network in harsh environments or a simple WiFi antenna to strengthen your indoor network across a warehouse, Robustel's antennas are compact and powerful. 


When you need an antenna, there are several factors to consider when selecting your solution, including:


  • • The size
  • • The frequency band
  • • Region of deployment
  • • Available range 
  • • Precision
  • • Power consumption
  • • Antenna topology. 


Robustel has different types of antenna connectors to suit your project and requirements. From a magnetic mount to a more traditional combo screw, Robustel’s antennas can be used across a range of gateways and routers. From 4G to LoraWan, we’ll help you find the right antenna for your needs. 


From an outdoor WiFi antenna to support your network in harsh environments to simply needing to strengthen your indoor network across a large warehouse, you can rely on our antennas to give you the boosted signal power necessary for the job.  


Power supply

IoT devices are capable of changing the way we use spaces and improving communications, but it all requires a lot of power. Not every power supply can handle a network of IoT devices. Some devices need a specialised IoT power supply solution that is capable of handling large amounts of data, without any delay or downtime. Due to the remote nature of many IoT devices, their power supply solutions must be small and have the ability to be plugged into a range of devices.  


Robustel’s power supplies will support your network, minimising downtime by ensuring that your devices are online at all times. Our pluggable terminals can be used for a range of applications - from smart cities to remote sensors and security systems. Robustel’s power supply accessories are compatible across a range of regions including the UK, US, China, Australia and more.  Find all the specifications here



From R2000 gateways to an industrial LTE router, install your devices anywhere with easy-to-install mounting kits. Robustel has a range of mounting types - from a DIN rail mount to a flat surface standard wall mounting kit. 


Robustel’s mounts can carry various weights ranging from just under 10 grams, up to 73 grams. Using materials that last, Robustel’s mounts can withstand harsh environments and weather conditions. View the full range of mounting solutions here


Connect with Robustel

No matter your industry, Robustel has the accessories to keep your devices connected, where you need them most. Our accessories are designed to be fully compatible with Robustel routers and gateways. Whether you’re looking for an antenna for your LoRaWay gateway or a power supply for your 4G router, our team is here to help you find the perfect solution. 

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