The Advantages of EV8100 4G VoIP/VoLTE Gateway in Elevator Voice Solutions

As the buildings and resident spaces are keeping up-to-date in terms of elevators communication solutions, we can see how it evolve over the years. Furthermore, the introduction of 4G VoIP and VoLTE gateways have brought efficiency and reliability over than the Traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) solutions.   For instance, Robustel’s EV8100 is a technological breakthrough […]

Why Voice Gateways are Essential for Elevator Communication?

If you get stuck in a building’s elevator, you will realize the need for a reliable emergency communication system. It is critical to be able to call for assistance as soon as possible. In elevators, the International Building Code requires the installation of an emergency two-way communication system.   This system must provide visible text […]

Why Voice Gateways are Essential for Elevator Communication

Maximizing Efficiency and Safety: The Benefits of Elevator IoT Gateway

The application of the Internet of Things (IoT) cannot only be seen in the private and public transportation industries, but we can also see its application in the vertical transportation system. The elevator IoT gateway paves the way for the smooth integration of internet and wireless connections with the lifts. Other benefits include real-time lift […]

The Benefits of Elevator IoT Gateway

Cellular Modems: What You Need to Know?

Access to the internet has developed into a fundamental need in our today’s digitally connected communities. A solid internet connection is essential, whether one is using it for work, for recreation, or for monitoring critical infrastructure in remote areas A cellular modem plays an essential role in connectivity. It step into the spotlight as the […]

Cellular Modems: What You Need to Know

Passenger Wi-Fi System: What You Need to Know

Nowadays, being connected online while traveling is becoming a need rather than a luxury. The demand for passenger Wi-Fi systems has grown significantly in various modes of transportation.   It allows passengers to have access to the internet so they can stream, work, get connected with friends and family or even do some business activities.   […]

Passenger Wi-Fi System: What You Need to Know

5G Router: A Comprehensive Guide

The evolution of wireless technology has brought us to the 5G era. Faster than 4G, more stable than 3G, and more reliable than 2G.   The 5G technology has been touted as the next big thing in wireless connectivity. The projected growth rate for the worldwide 5G services market is estimated to be 59.4% on […]


The Benefits of Wind Power Generation Preventive Maintenance Solution

Wind power has become a major source of renewable electricity due to rising demand.   Wind turbines, like any complex system, need frequent maintenance for maximum performance and longevity.  They are generally installed in rugged terrain such as seaside and mountain tops. Moreover, they are larger in size making it difficult to install, maintain, replace parts, […]

The Benefits of Wind Power Generatio Preventive Maintenance Solution featured

The rise of edge computing: What you need to know

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and increasing demand for real-time data processing, edge computing is reshaping and becoming a game-changer in the world of IT.  Edge computing has been gaining more and more attention in recent years as an innovative technology that can provide low latency, high bandwidth, and real-time processing […]

How Remote Monitoring Solution Improves Operational Efficiency of Cold Chain Transportation

A remote monitoring solution improves cold chain efficiency. Real-time analytics, temperature control, and supply chain product integrity. Cold chain logistics should be efficient, low-loss, and high-quality.

Smart Irrigation Solution: How to Maximize Water Saving Efforts?

Discover how smart irrigation solutions to enhance land irrigation management, reduce resource waste, improve efficiency of farm water usage?

How to Effectively Manage EV Charging Stations with IoT Solution?

Discover how EV charging IoT solutions improve drivers’ charging experiences and reduces networking costs and complexity.

How to Use Robustel Routers for Measuring NB-IoT & LTE-M Network Quality

Know how to take accurate and reliable measurements of NB-IoT and LTE-M network quality. Here are some tips and tricks to help improve your network quality measurements with your Robustel routers.


The benefits of IoT smart lighting systems for cities

Learn how smart cities are using IoT devices like CCTV and sensors to improve their emergency systems.

What are the applications of 5G?

Learn how 5G is being used to improve technology – from consumer to businesses and industries.

How 5G autonomous vehicles will benefit from 5G

Autonomous vehicles are just one of the many industries that 5G is going to transform. Learn more about the power of 5G connected cars in Robustel’s blog.

Robustel Autonomous Vehicles Lead