Energy Solutions

The need for smart energy solutions has reached new heights as worldwide power consumption continues to grow. Along with it, comes issues related to higher demand, such as outages and ageing infrastructure.

As the industry shifts towards more efficient energy solutions and renewable energies, IoT is providing the tools the sector needs to move forward. The combination of IoT and energy solutions is leading to more efficient systems, reduced operational costs, more reliable electricity and reductions in our dependence on fossil fuels.

IoT energy equipment and solutions are already in use, with companies deploying IoT sensors and integrated energy platforms to:

Robustel’s range of reliable and cost-effective wireless devices is the perfect solution for IoT energy management. Our rugged devices offer increased connectivity across energy infrastructure and off-grid solutions.


Renewable energy

Renewable energy solutions are becoming increasingly commonplace thanks to the rise in demand for cleaner energy, alongside falling prices. IoT technology is helping the renewable electricity sector make the switch with devices that can monitor and control renewable equipment remotely.

Robustel’s smart energy solutions for renewable sites can be deployed across:

Robustel’s sustainable energy solutions are easy to customise to your specific needs. Our easy-to-deploy and secure solutions will help you monitor a variety of renewable electricity scenarios, including supply and demand, and energy capture.


What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from natural resources or processes that are constantly replenished, like the sun or wind. Renewable energy is also referred to as clean energy, or green energy, because it doesn't cause pollution.

There are many types of renewable energy technologies including:


Distribution Automation

The energy utilities industry is under constant pressure to balance the demands of a growing population with the demand on resources and profitability. Primarily, the reliability and availability of the electricity supply is dependent on the power distribution network.

Distribution automation can help the sector improve real-time monitoring, and in turn the control and management of distributed energy resources. Utilising IoT for energy management technologies, such as sensors, information and communication networks and processors, allows operators to collect, automate, analyse and optimise data to improve the operational efficiency.

Robustel enables remote connectivity with secure VPN tunnels between devices and monitoring locations. Equipped with dual SIM or WLAN failover, you won't have to worry about downtime and decrease in productivity. With the ability to gather real-time data from remote assets in various locations, network operators are able to make better informed decisions.


Commercial and Industrial Metering

Optimise distribution, reduce expenses and improve consumer experience with clear insights into power usage. Smart meters provide real-time data about energy consumption that will help providers determine where and when to distribute energy to reduce outages.

IoT smart meter solutions, like Robustel’s rugged and compact wireless modems, allow for seamless, remote meter reading and monitoring.


What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a handy device that measures your energy output and when and how much energy is used. This information can then be sent back to the provider.

This helps utilities quickly address any supply or performance issues, like outages. A smart meter can also be used to identify and isolate a damaged section of a distribution line, without affecting the performance of the entire network.


Infrastructure Management

Maintaining energy infrastructure is crucial to keeping up reliable supply and meeting consumer demand. Utilising IoT solutions that you can integrate into your existing IT infrastructure helps improve efficiency and delivery. Gateways connected at critical points of your energy network infrastructure improve the efficiency of energy infrastructure asset management.

Robustel’s IoT solutions for energy and utilities help you stay connected to make efficient and informed decisions. Speak to one of our team about how we can help you today.