Robustel’s Lite Industrial IoT Gateways the R1500 & R1510 are now RCM Approved

  Robustel are pleased to announce that our R1500 & R1510 Lite Industrial IoT Gateways are now RCM Approved for use in Australia and New Zealand.   The R1500 & R1510 are the first products in a new Lite Industrial product line from Robustel offering the same levels of industrial cellular connectivity customers expect from […]

Robustel: Addressing a Global Need for Remote Connectivity

  2020 has seen the global community dealing with an unprecedented challenge. The spread of COVID-19 has forced companies, governments and individuals to rethink and innovate traditional business models to address issues and reduce the rate of infection.   Our first priority at Robustel was to adjust our working practices to ensure the health & […]

Robustel Join Ericsson Industry Connect Partner Program for Technology Device Partners

Robustel, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial quality wireless gateways for IoT and M2M solutions, have joined Ericsson’s Industry Connect partner program as a Technology Device Partner to help companies around the world implement Industry 4.0 principals by bridging the data gap between mobile networks and application platforms.   Sarun Kub, Managing Director […]

Connecting the World: Databroker onboards leading industrial IoT and M2M solutions provider Robustel

In the run-up to the official launch of its new marketplace, Databroker continues to expand its global community of data providers, and is proud to announce a new collaboration with Chinese IoT/M2M solutions provider, Robustel. The collaboration will enable Robustel’s network of partners–who provide solutions in every corner and sector of the ‘connected world’–to exchange […]

Robustel R2110 is Now Approved by Telstra

  Robustel are pleased to announce that the R2110 High Speed IoT Gateway is now TELSTRA Certified.   Offering high speed LTE advanced connectivity, the R2110 is designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, to suit a wide variety of applications.   Featuring a rugged housing ideal for harsh environments, dual SIM slots, ignition sensing […]

Robustel R3000 is Now C1D2 Certified in North America

  Robustel are pleased to announce that its R3000 industrial cellular VPN router is now C1D2 (hazardous Class I, Division 2) approved and certified for use in United States and Canada. This certification means that the R3000 has been tested and found suitable to meet the stringent safety requirements of operating telecommunications equipment in hazardous […]

Robustel Strengthen Technical Partnership with Microsoft Through Azure Certification

Robustel are proud to announce the completion of a companywide initiative to improve the technical competence and provide further growth opportunities to staff in its cloud software division.   The technical team responsible for Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) recently underwent and completed Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training & Certification; further deepening their core competencies around […]

Robustel’s R2110 is Now RCM Certified

  Robustel are pleased to announce that our R2110 High Speed Smart Gateway is now RCM approved and certified for use in Australia and New Zealand.   The R2110 has been designed with mission-critical applications in mind, offering dual cellular modules, to provide immediate failover to a second connection for near-constant uptime.   With its […]

Robustel’s R3000 Lite IoT Gateway is now Verizon Certified

  Looking for effective industrial IoT Connectivity solutions in North America?   Robustel’s R3000 Lite IoT Gateway is now Verizon Certified.   We’re excited to add Verizon certification to our range of existing AT&T Certified Devices allowing customers in North America to choose the best carrier for their deployment.   The Robustel R3000 & R2000 […]