Vulnerability Reports

At Robustel, it is always our top priority to keep tracking, identifying and proactively addressing ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. We are committed to continued technological innovation and product development to ensure the security of management systems, IT infrastructure and connected devices.



We also appreciate the contribution made by our users, customers and professional third-party agencies in helping improve the security of our products and systems. If you have found a potential security issue in any Robustel product or software, please contact us via our specialized security contact form that will automatically forwards your request to the appropriate security team.

Report a Vulnerability 

If you have information about a security issue or vulnerability with a Robustel branded product or technology, please send an e-mail to Encrypt sensitive information using our PGP public key.


Please provide as much information as possible, including:

  • The products and versions affected
  • Detailed description of the vulnerability
  • Instructions to reproduce the issue


A member of the Robustel Product Security Team will review your e-mail and contact you to collaborate on resolving the issue.


We would love it if people reported other bugs via the appropriate channels, but since the purpose of this program is to fix security vulnerabilities, only bugs that lead to security vulnerabilities will be eligible.

Here is the defined vulnerability handling process:



Title/Security Advisory ID Affected Product Overview Mitigation Initial Publication Date Last Updated
Robustel R1510/
All RobustOS products CVE-2022-33312, CVE-2022-33313, CVE-2022-33314, CVE-2022-33326, CVE-2022-33329, CVE-2022-33327, CVE-2022-33325, CVE-2022-33328, CVE-2022-28127, CVE-2022-32585


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