Smart Elevator Solution:  IoT Solutions for Elevator Management

Using Advanced Smart Elevator Voice Gateway 

Looking for a smart elevator solution to upgrade your elevator's safety and communication system? Robustel's EV8100 advanced elevator voice gateway revolutionizes elevator management with IoT technologies, improving building safety and communication. Voice transmission over VoIP and VoLTE is smoothly integrated by the EV8100, connecting the elevator's intercom system to cellular networks. Ready to experience the next level of elevator management? Elevate your building's safety, communication, and efficiency with the EV8100 and RCMS—your smart elevator solution.

 Key Features of the Smart Elevator Voice Gateway EV8100

  • Voice Transmission Excellence: Enable crystal-clear voice communication within the elevator through VoIP and VoLTE technologies, ensuring reliable and efficient communication at all times.
  • Multifaceted Interfaces: The EV8100 boasts multiple interfaces, facilitating seamless integration with diverse elevator communication systems. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of elevator models.
  • Remote Monitoring and Management: Enjoy the convenience of remote monitoring and management capabilities, allowing real-time oversight of the elevator's communication system. Quickly address issues and malfunctions without the need for on-site intervention.
  • Advanced Docker Support: EV8100 supports Docker, simplifying the deployment of applications and enhancing flexibility in managing and updating software within the system.
  • RobustOS Pro: Built on Robustel's latest Linux Debian bullseye based router OS, the EV8100 features enhanced cybersecurity, advanced GUI, and a comprehensive set of software features. Benefit from VPNs, Smart Roaming, SMS remote control, and more.
  • RCMS is Robustel’s free router monitoring service that is fully compatible with the EV8100. lt allows customers to see a location overview of their routers quickly and simply on a map. Features such as data usage, signal strength, current network and much more can then be viewed on a per router basis. Over-the-air updates are supported for Firmware, router configuration and Apps serving as essential “insurance” if anything was not quite right during deployment.
Ready to take your elevator management to new heights? Experience the unparalleled features of the EV8100 and the convenience of RCMS. Upgrade to Robustel's Smart Elevator Solution today for a safer, smarter, and more efficient building environment.