Retail Solutions

Shopping centres are bustling hubs of activity, pulling a shopper’s attention in multiple directions at once. The online world is no different! This makes it even harder for retailers to stand out and attract customers with their offerings. Instead, businesses need to adapt and find a way to cut above all this noise, and one way they are achieving this is through the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

From supply chain, to back-of-store operations and customer experience, IoT in retail is being utilised to improve store efficiency, increase security and create a better experience for shoppers - both online and in person.

Robustel smart retail solutions will connect your business with secure, high-speed wireless communications and retail solutions for every kind of project.

Payments and cash handling

POS software is at the centre of all retail operations. At a minimum, it’s used to accept payments and keep track of sales. Investing in smart POS retail systems goes beyond this and allow you to:

Robustel Dual-SIM VPN gateways connect your retail POS system to a secure, fast wireless system. This creates a smoother customer experience and improves your store efficiency with customisable retail solutions to suit your business needs.

Vending machines

Vending machines are the perfect way to reach your customers no matter where they are. Robustel’s routers can get your smart vending machine connected with secure internet access. Our industrial modems hold up in high impact areas so that you don’t have to worry about outages, which is ideal for outdoor environments.

Smart vending machines can help you:

Using Robustel's cellular routers as a retail solution enables you to easily and quickly embed a customer-specific application. This offers potential cost-savings on additional electronics to handle things like data buffering in the event of an outage.

Gaming and lottery

Robustel IoT retail solutions connect lottery or gaming machines via a secure, private network. Using that cellular network, you’ll be able to backhaul encrypted data to operation centres without worrying about privacy and security.

Pop up, kiosk and new store

Are you working without a fixed-line internet connection? Robustel smart retail solutions can be deployed to provide temporary broadband connectivity in place of a fixed-line. Gain instant internet access, anywhere, without the need for a static IP address with Robust VPN.

Our technicians are here to support you through the process, with customisation abilities so you can develop a dedicated IoT retail solution that meets your needs.

Smart Digital Signage System

In a busy market, digital signage solutions helps companies and retailers capture their customer’s attention. Using smart retail digital signage, you can stand out from your competitors by delivering more targeted ads based on real-time data. You have the ability to:

Robustel will keep you connected with a signage solution for your business. With remote access, and the ability to perform remote maintenance, you’ll cut down on costs with fewer site visits.

Robustel is here to help you find the perfect IoT store solution for your business. Providing secure, high-speed, wireless communications, Robustel has a solution for you.