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Robustel Operations Console

“Operations Console” is a unique way to manage your estate of routers, SIMs & connected devices – it is the industry’s first truly “user-centric” view of the information you really need to manage your ‘connected’ estate.

The Problem

When you start to deploy SIMs + Routers at scale you become a “network operator” – a reality that is often misunderstood or underestimated at the outset.


  • Connectivity Management: Ensuring seamless connectivity across a large fleet of SIMs and routers, including provisioning SIM cards, roaming management, and maximizing signal strength and coverage across diverse locations.
  • Device Deployment and Configuration: streamlining the provisioning process for large numbers of devices, configuration standardization, firmware updates, and device activation.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: monitoring device performance, data usage in real-time, diagnosing and resolving connectivity issues, and performance optimization.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: scaling infrastructure to accommodate growth in the number of deployed devices.

The Solution

Operations Console is designed by Robustel from years of experience of deploying IoT projects to give a uniquely “user-centric” view of your remote assets. Operations Console gives you every tool that you never knew you needed!

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Quick Start Video

We have worked harder than ever before to make the platform easy to understand. There is a “Quickstart video” for every section so customers can understand the value fast!

Getting Started with Operations Console

For a demonstration, access to documentation and set-up assistance please click the button below to contact Robustel to be introduced to a local partner.

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Managing and Overcoming the Challenges Presented by Global 4G/LTE IoT Deployments

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