Industrial IoT edge computing gateway

Elevate Your Network Performance and Security With Industrial Edge Computing

In the fast-paced world of information technology, more industries are using IoT devices to collect large volumes of information at breakneck speeds. More often than not, this data is transferred to a centralised storage system like the cloud for analysis and storage. Advancing technological solutions aren’t without its challenges. The reliance on a secure wireless network creates issues, like a lack of real-time analytics and delays in data collection — the need to manage large amounts of data has led many companies to look for new solutions.  As businesses change, the need for faster, more secure, and more reliable networks grows. Our cutting-edge Industrial Edge Computing Gateway can help. Our industrial IoT edge computing gateway solution uses edge computing and strong connections to improve industrial networks. It connects edge devices and sensors to the cloud or data centre for real-time data processing, analysis, and decision-making.  

What is an IoT edge computing?

Edge computing is the processing and storage of data that takes place at or near the source. In simpler terms, it means running fewer processes in the cloud and instead running them on the device itself. A smart edge device removes the barriers that come with transmitting large amounts of information by processing the data it collects, sending only relevant information back to a centralised location. Edge networks are already in use across a range of industries. From devices that monitor traffic flow to utility grid analysis and the monitoring of safety on oil rigs and licence plate recognition systems.   

The industrial edge computing advantage

Many industries are already leveraging industrial edge computing technologies to manage the large volumes of collected data more efficiently. With the market only expected to increase rapidly, any industry that utilises IoT data collection devices can benefit from an edge gateway. Some of the key benefits include:
  • Increased bandwidth. With the collection of large amounts of data comes physical and cost limits of transmission. Edge computing removes that by only transmitting relevant data.
  • Reduced latency. Time-sensitive applications need a response in near real-time, with no latency. Ideal for applications like occupancy sensing and camera AI. 
  • Cost-efficiency. Processing data locally reduces the amount of data that needs to be stored in a cloud-based location.
  • Increased reliability. The flow of data can often be interrupted by network congestion, causing interruptions and delays.

Robustel’s industrial IoT edge computing gateways

Robustel’s EG5100 and EG5120 are the new generation of industrial edge computing gateways. These edge devices support global networks for cellular backhaul, with a Debian Operating System that can support existing or new applications.  Connect both routers with RCMS, Robustel’s free router monitoring service. From a remote location, users can see an overview of your network quickly - from monitor data usage to signal strength.   

Key features of the Robustel IoT Edge Computing Gateway

Robustel’s Industrial IoT edge computing gateways have a range of features including:
  • Utilises highly stable cellular connectivity for global band coverage
  • High-performance engine for running complex applications 
  • Microsoft Azure loT and AWS loT Greengrass qualifed
  • Cutting edge 5G interface
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2 X RS232/RS485 ports for connection to industrial devices
  • 2 X DI and 2x DO simple monitoring and control
  • Dual SIM card slots for multiple backup communication options
  • Wide operating temperature ranges, ideal for industrial applications
  • Supports C, C++, Java, Python, giving users the ability to develop their own applications
  • Access to more than 50,000 applications from the Debian repository.
  • Access to VPN options like Wireguard, IPsec and OpenVpn
  • Full Modbus TCP and RTU to support transfer to cloud platforms
  • Robustel's management platform RCMS for effective management of large devices
Unleash the power of Industrial Edge Computing today! Connect your gateway with Robustel and experience the next level of performance and security for your industrial networks. Embrace the next level of computing with Robustel’s  IoT edge gateway solutions. Whether you are looking for a solution for your manufacturing warehouse or to improve your cybersecurity, speak to one of our team about how we can help get you connected.  Get in contact for more information on the latest edge gateway technology. You can also view the full range of industrial IoT edge computing gateway solutions for your specific device and solution.