IP67 Outdoor Router 

As industries grow into remote environments, there’s a demand for secure and reliable network solutions for outdoor areas that can withstand harsh weather conditions. From providing high-speed internet access to events and campuses to public facilities and oil and gas, an outdoor WiFi router allows you to connect to the internet whenever and wherever you need it. Robustel has an outdoor router for your needs. Support a temporary event, connect stations or maintain a reliable connection in the toughest environments.

Outdoor wireless router applications

Outdoor routers are ideal for industries in remote locations, rural areas or industries that function in inclement weather or hard conditions. There are various types like an outdoor 4G router or outdoor LoRaWan gateways. Some types of routers - the R1520G-OG for example has space inside for customers to add their own electronics, providing a solution for outdoor deployments of industrial equipment.  Some examples of industries that could leverage Robustel’s outdoor routers include:
  • Universities campuses
  • Schools
  • Smart city networks
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Events like festivals or sporting events 
  • Oil and gas 
  • Energy
  • Smart agriculture.
Leverage fast and reliable internet with Robustel’s IP67 routers. These waterproof devices have rugged casings and can withstand dust, dirt and humidity, making them ideal for your outdoor network.  


  Without the limitations of traditional routers, outdoor WiFi router range can unlock a range of new applications for your industry, making communication easy - even in a remote location. IoT devices can be connected to a local area network, providing internet access to these devices for secure communications. The main benefits include: 
  • Connect multiple devices. From smart CCTV to alarms and management systems, connect your IoT devices to an outdoor network, without interruptions. 
  • Withstand weather conditions. Robustel's IP67 routers have a rugged casing, with access points that are resistant to a range of environmental conditions. 
  • Reliable access, anywhere. Connect your devices to an outdoor network, suitable for temporary locations like exhibitions and events that require the internet.
  • Minimise downtime. Routers can be an efficient backup to prevent downtime when your network fails. 

Outdoor cellular router key features

  Robustel's range of IP67 outdoor gateways are integrated with LoRaWAN wireless communication and cellular network technology, making them ideal for long-distance data transmission. 
  • IP67 ingress protection, withstanding water, dust and other extreme weather conditions
  • RCMS - Robustel’s Cloud Management Program for remote management
  • Supports SMS commands for remote configuration/recovery in fault conditions
  • Supports dual SIM + Smart Roaming for high availability cellular Comms
  • Smart Roaming with an algorithm that intelligently selects networks when using 3G/4G roaming, providing a reliable connection. 
  • Built in LNS (R3000LG-OG specific)
  • Robust VPN, allowing customers to make an inbound connection to the router, anywhere in the world.
  • Power over ethernet, making it easy to get power and data to and from the box.
Robustel’s outdoor WiFi router range will differ depending on your industry. For exact specifications for each product, get in touch with our team.  

Connect with Robustel

  As businesses continue to evolve, location and weather conditions shouldn’t be a barrier to a stable connection. Whether you need a network for a temporary event or looking to connect a large facility, our routers are equipped with advanced features to support your needs. From smart roaming to RCMS, our solutions can easily be scaled up or down with your business.  We offer a cost-efficient, stable industrial router designed for all your outdoor needs. All the latest models of Robustel routers leverage module technology to support global LTE (4G) communications.  Get in contact to find the right outdoor 4G router solution for you.