Smart IoT Gateway

Smart IoT gateways act as a bridge between data collection and analysis. In automated networks, machinery, sensors and other connected devices are responsible for collecting relevant information. That data is then sent through the network to a centralised location for storage and analysis. An IoT gateway exists in the middle, connecting the two together.  A gateway solution works both ways - you can transfer data from the device to the network and then back again.  That helps operators make appropriate decisions in real-time while also having the ability to control the entire network without needing to visit the site.  Robustel’s smart IoT gateways provide your project with stable network connectivity and data transmission for easy industrial automation. 

M1200 Industrial Gateway

The M1200 Industrial LTE Gateway provides users with stable network connectivity and data transmission for easy Industrial Automation.

Connect your machines – as a universal gateway, it can be applied across many verticals, such as Energy, Transportation and Agriculture, to name a few.

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IoT Gateway Industrial Applications

An industrial IoT gateway collects and processes large swarms of data from connected devices in an IoT ecosystem. The industrial gateway sends the information to the Cloud for the network operators to analyse. Unlike traditional solutions, industrial gateways are designed for harsh and remote conditions. From factory floors to energy management these gateways are tuned for applications in industries like: 
  • Energy: Solar PV systems, wind power and smart grid management.
  • Agriculture: Precision farming and crop management.
  • Factory Automation: Facilitate communication between devices, machinery and equipment. 
Robustel’s M1200 is a universal gateway, making this a versatile solution able to be applied across more verticals than listed above.   

Benefits of IoT Gateways 

IoT gateway devices offer a range of benefits, not only in their connectivity and processing power but by providing industries with the necessary strength to support their many automation systems. So why use an IoT gateway device
  • Efficiency: Improve production while minimising human error by collecting large amounts of data to provide a snapshot of the automation process, whether that be a production line, factory system, etc.
  • Real-time processing: IoT gateways process data in real-time, eliminating the need for unnecessary data to be transmitted back to the data centre.
  • Increased connectivity: Instead of many connecting points, the gateway becomes a central hub for communicating data to and from connected devices, while still allowing each to be controlled individually as necessary.
  • Security: IoT gateways add a layer of protection between the internet and connected devices. It sends and stores all information in the cloud, providing robust end-to-end security to support authentication, network firewalls, secure boot and secure credential storage.
  • Easy configuration: These devices provide a centralised translation point for connected devices that wouldn’t normally speak to each other, offering a higher level of efficiency.

Key Features of Industrial IoT Gateways

Robustel’s industrial IoT gateway can easily be customised to suit your project’s needs. Our gateways come with a range of features including:
  • Tough industrial design for extended operating in harsh conditions
  • Support bridge mode, via serial port or USB port
  • SMS capability if DI is triggered
  • Configuration and firmware upgrading via USB and RCMS
  • Modbus RTU to TCP
  • Auto rebooting via SMS and Timer
  • IPsec/Open VPN/GRE/L2TP/PPTP
  • Transparent TCP and UDP protocol connections
  • ICMP, DDNS, SNTP and Telnet
  • Dual-SIM backup (push-push or MFF type optional)

Connect with Robustel

Without gateways, IoT devices are unable to communicate with the Cloud or servers. Robustel can help ensure your communication bridge is stable with a secure solution for your projects. Our IoT gateway solution can be fully customised to suit your industry. To learn more about the M1200 or other connectivity options, get in touch with our team