Smart Utility Management Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is at the forefront of industrial automation and IoT utilities management. Using tools like sensors, real-time data and control systems, the application of IoT in utilities can improve efficiency and workplace safety while also helping to generate revenue and better manage resources. Future-focussed sectors are leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to address and improve factors like:

Whether you’re searching for your next wireless communication solution or a secure gateway, Robustel’s pressure tested-products are the perfect solution for your utility sector.

Water management

IoT Water monitoring technologies monitor, control and regulate usage and quality of water. A water management system can use sensors that relay data back to a control system, informing water management strategies by providing up to date information about water consumption, quality, leaks and distribution.

Robustel gateways are suitable for a wide range of applications from dam management to water well technology and urban water consumption strategies. There’s an IoT application for your water strategy needs. From real-time dam monitoring, water treatment plant communications and flow control, with smart management you can make informed decisions, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

IoT oil and gas

Oil and gas monitoring is often dependent on equipment prone to unplanned failures. Using IoT oil and gas sensors to monitor temperature, moisture and vibrations, operators are alerted to any issues quickly with real-time updates - without the need for a manual inspection. The same can be used in a pipeline management system, aiding with monitoring the transport of oil and gas.

Robustel's wireless communication solutions for oil and gas applications help companies maximise their delivery and profits while improving employee safety.

IoT mining

IoT in mining enables decision makers and managers to efficiently manage day-to-day operations on remote mining projects. Using Robustel’s hardware with dedicated LTE networks, you’ll be able to connect sensors to control systems and manage and monitor mining technology. Address maintenance or emergencies as soon as they occur.

An IoT mining system can also be used to collect data and uncover cost efficient ways of running operations, while improving the safety of human workers.

Legacy Infrastructure

From existing plant equipment maintenance systems to controls and equipment failure, Robustel can infuse new life into legacy equipment. Using a serial or digital converter and a Robustel gateway, business to help your system or make the switch and migrate.
Robustel solutions are pressure-tested and able to withstand operating temperatures that are beyond other commercial communications equipment.

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