In our digital world, people expect to be connected at all times, which is why passenger WiFi is becoming an essential in today’s public transport industry.

Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices have the ability to transfer data and shed insight into network operations. This data can be used in a range of ways, all with the goal of streamlining operations.

Dedicated WiFi stations onboard metro services, like trains and trams, can help bridge the gap between customer and service provider and allow for seamless communication of travel time and network disruptions. From a taxi to a high-speed train, you can customise your IoT passenger WiFi solution to suit your network. Robusel has a range of transportation Internet of Things solutions that can be deployed to meet your needs.


Benefits of WiFi on Public Transport

WiFi and IoT technologies are driving innovative monitoring and management for public transport systems, including buses, trains and taxi services. Utilising bus WiFi or a train WiFi, operators can leverage real-time data that sheds insight into the current network operating capacity. These smart technologies enable operators to:

• Optimise service efficiency
• Carry out smart route planning
• Fleet track
• Schedule and monitor maintenance
• Monitor fuel consumption
• Manage delays or potential hazards


Metro free WiFi services are already being deployed globally with many services now offering convenient and secure internet access for passengers as they travel. However, WiFi solutions aren't just for trains and buses.

Taxis are also playing their role and are deploying Taxi WiFi solutions to improve the customer experience. They use tracking technology to communicate with car rental and other ride services to optimise pick ups and drop offs. Customers are able to pay for their entire journey just once, with peace of mind that a vehicle is available, no matter the time.


Improve reliability and efficiency of services

In public transport, it’s easy for things to go wrong. Not only can a sudden breakdown create chaos for passengers, it can lead to further network delays and throw an entire system into disarray.


IoT connected devices that leverage a secure WiFi connection onboard a vehicle can assist operators and increase reliability. Deploying connected solutions, whether it be WiFi on bus services, train or taxi, not only helps system operators – it also adds to the passenger's overall experience. Using a secure and convenient connection, passengers are able to accurately track their travel time and get the latest updates on delays or network disruptions.


Passengers are able to leverage WiFi in trains and get notified immediately of any disruptions, along with alternate route options if necessary. The ability to directly communicate with passengers through WiFi in trains and buses also means that network operators can send messages in real-time, keeping passengers informed as they travel. Taxi WiFi can also be used by the passenger to keep track of their journey, while viewing delays in real-time.


Decrease maintenance and repair delays

Keeping vehicles on the road or tracks is a crucial component of an efficient network. Sensors can be used to monitor the condition of essential parts, such as engines and brakes, to prevent a sudden breakdown.
By repairing small issues before they magnify into huge problems, operators can better manage downtimes of services. Operators can assess their equipment and carry out predictive and preventive maintenance before a major breakdown.


Streamline operations

IoT devices for public transportation can be deployed to monitor passenger flow and the number of people waiting and travelling in services, while also tracking peak commuting times. These analytics can be used by network operators to schedule timetables to suit passenger needs and demands.


Using Robustel’s RCMS router management platform, operators can leverage a fleet management dashboard with a wide range of features to suit their needs. From the ability to make an inbound connection using any SIM, to sensors that alert to maintenance issues, our solutions can be customised to suit your exact needs.

Robustel’s 3G/4G routers are the perfect solution for your Passenger WiFi needs. Ranging from a taxi to a high-speed train, customise your IoT passenger WiFi solution to suit your network. Whether you need to deploy WiFi systems for buses, or looking to connect your taxi fleet, speak to one of our experts on how we can get you connected today.