Building management systems (BMS) are the backbones that keep a facility running smoothly. These centralised control systems are used to monitor and configure elements of a building, and are traditionally enabled by running electrical wires to a central system or hub. However, as IoT connected devices evolve, building management systems are leveraging these technologies to become more intelligent and powerful. From factories to retail spaces, offices and even residential buildings, facility managers are now able to manage their building systems more efficiently. 

Robustel 3G/4G routers offer the perfect solution for reliable and secure remote connectivity to a BMS no matter where you are.


Utilising IoT for building management 

BMS system is a computer-based control system used to monitor and control mechanical and electrical equipment that regulates: 

  • Steam systems
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Power systems
  • Fire systems
  • Security systems

BMS systems can be used to control external factors entering the building, such as door controls, motion detectors and CCTV systems. Some BMS systems also include disaster response, such as base isolation to protect structures in the event of an earthquake. 

As well as monitoring and configuring systems, building management solutions can also be used to provide data on operational systems. From here, facility managers can make informed decisions and create automatic control settings of a BMS system.


Remotely connect to the facility site

Leveraging IoT devices like sensors and motion detectors, operators can remotely monitor BMS systems. These systems can be configured to automatically take action, while also informing the operator of an incident. 


Deploying IoT BMS solutions increases property and occupant safety, while allowing for closer monitoring of smoke, suspicious activity or other changes in a building's environment without an operator needing to visit the site. Not only does this lead to more efficient response times, it also saves on operator costs. 


Robustel’s Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) can be used to connect your Robustel router directly to a BMSvia the RobustVPN function, allowing you to extract data and manage the BMS as if you were accessing it locally.


Optimise building space

Without a BMS, it’s easy for space to go unused especially in a large building. Another application of BMS is in optimising building space. Whether you manage a commercial building or residential apartment building, using an IoT connected BMS solution enables operators to analyse every corner of the building to better optimise space, which reduces costs and improves efficiency. 

By understanding which areas are being used, how often and for how long, building managers can create a more efficient building maintenance procedure and even repurpose spaces. 


Efficiently manage assets

While managing assets can be a time-consuming and tedious task, it is core to efficient building and facilities management. Managers need to continuously track and locate assets or machinery to ensure equipment isn’t being over- or under-utilised. However, a lack of visibility can hinder the manager’s ability and instead leave them relying on manual methods. A smart BMS building can help with:

  • Tracking monitor assets and their condition in real-time.
  • Efficiently adjusting asset schedules to minimise downtime.
  • Reducing manual labour and the need for human intervention.

An IoT building management system can be deployed into a range of spaces, from commercial office spaces to warehouses and factories. Saving costs and making processes more efficient, a BMS can change the way you manage your building. 


Customisation is key to creating a BMS that is efficient and meets your needs. All Robustel routers run the RobustOS operating system that is written in-house. Robustel offers a high level of tech support and customisation that exceeds typical capability available on the market. Get connected with Robustel and ensure your business evolves with changing trends. Speak to one of our experts about how we can get you connected today. Contact us