Using IoT Solution for Medical Devices Maintenance

Medicine is driven by data – from making diagnoses to providing treatments, the level of medical care provided is only as good as the practitioners' equipment. Now, practitioners utilize IoT medical devices to collect and analyse high-quality data, resulting in accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment plans.


The same way that regular IoT devices connect to the internet to relay important information, practitioners and facilities can use healthcare IoT to keep patients connected to their doctor – even after they leave the facility.


Robustel has a solution to help you provide improved healthcare to your patients with real-time monitoring through secure and reliable connectivity.


How IoT medical devices are changing healthcare

One reason connected devices are booming in popularity in the healthcare industry is their flexibility. Traditional wired solutions don’t offer the same ability to adapt, which is often required by medical staff on-the-go.


Equipment maintenance solutions. Collect data from a connected device to better inform maintenance. Technicians can diagnose and even repair a device remotely, without visiting the site.

Enable devices to alert automatically. In an emergency, connected devices can be used to automatically send alerts without the need for a medical professional to check.

Patient monitoring. Monitor patient’s vital signs like pulse, blood pressure and glucose levels in real-time. Continuous analysis of a patient’s health can also be used to improve their treatments and management.

Streamline hospital operations. Monitor device usage and even track equipment when it's needed the most.

Support ambulances. A connected smart healthcare device offers new insight for emergency responders who can access medical records and other time and resource-saving information before attending the incident.


Robustel’s software customisation exceeds the typical capabilities often found on the market. Whether you prefer a ready-made solution, or want to completely customise your application to suit your project’s demands, Robustel offers high levels of tech support throughout the entire process.


Benefits of connecting your medical IoT devices

Not only do connected medical devices open a new world of care for patients, they also offer new insights and opportunities for maintenance and operating strategies.


Real-time monitoring. The status, capacity and location of devices can be monitored and easily tracked when needed.

Streamline management. Professionals can maintain an active device inventory and streamline the allocation and management of devices.  

Cut-down on costs. Technicians can monitor devices remotely and address minor issues before they become a more extensive and costly repair. In some cases, this maintenance can be performed without the deployment of a technician.

Streamline operations. Data can be collected on routine equipment to find downtime when repairs are carried out.

Increase equipment reliability and longevity. By utilising a connected equipment maintenance solution, devices can be better managed, making them last longer.

Improve patient security. By removing humans, IoT communications can help protect the privacy of patient data.


Connect your devices to the Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) and open up a world of applications that make managing devices and connectivity simple. Access your connected devices from anywhere, without the need to visit the site or a centralised database location.


Remote repairs

IoT connected technology offers new ways to deploy equipment maintenance solutions. In the situation that a device does break or go offline, IoT connected medical devices have the potential to be repaired remotely. Software can be updated, and issues diagnosed without the need to dispatch a technician.


At the core of connected devices is the ability to deploy remote equipment management solutions. Remote monitoring allows medical professionals to keep track of critical Iot medical devices and the online/offline status of equipment. A secure connection offers a new level of insight into hospital operations and makes it easier for staff to monitor and maintain critical equipment. Connected medical devices can also be monitored remotely. Alerts can be set to notify the correct technician when a piece of equipment is operating below a certain level.


The world of connected medical devices is evolving and is set to transform how we deliver and access health care. Robustel offers reliable, flexible and secure connectivity. Our solutions are easy to deploy and will support you in maintaining high levels of security, while still offering the flexibility you need to improve patient care. Speak to one of our experts today about how we can get you connected.

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