The demands on automation companies have never been greater - shorter product life and evolving consumer expectations make a constant cycle of upgrades necessary. While automation machine builders assemble, repair and maintain machinery across a range of sectors, industrial decision makers at all levels have the same need- to gain remote access to systems.


Automated material handling

An automated material handling system makes sure that the material is transported from one place to another safely. Using equipment like sensors and autonomous vehicles, the need for human workers to sort, move and handle material is minimised. These systems make industries more efficient by:

  • Improving handling times
  • Reducing contamination
  • Replacing human workers to do repetitive tasks
  • Tracking material which avoids the risk of losing products.
  • Reducing the risk of human error and injury.
  • Ensuring machinery is in excellent condition
  • Managing faults and malfunctions off-site
  • Minimising accidents and OHS concerns

Industrial control systems

The control systems, devices and networks that make up industrial control systems (ICS) are all key in automating the industrial process. Using Robustel’s secure and flexible solutions, machine builders can remotely access ICS systems and assist with technical support and fulfil maintenance requirements.

Cellular routers grant secure, remote access to devices like PCs and SCADA systems, making collected data management easy while controlling related devices from one dashboard. Using RobustVPN, machine builders can gain remote access to equipment over a 3G or 4G network, using a SIM card.


Automation robotics

Automation robotics free up human workers and redirect their focus toward more productive tasks. Using Robustel’s custom IoT software platform, machine builders connect their device to a range of applications, ensuring robot, factory and instrument maintenance is safe, efficient and remotely controlled.


Assembly automation

Technology like assembly robotics, sensors and guided vehicles are now being used to complete repetitive tasks. Thanks to advancements in industrial automation technologies, including machine vision and complex robots, equipment engineering is more flexible than ever before. Allow RobustOS to streamline your workflow and develop dedicated applications, ready to adapt to your clients needs.


Equip automation machine builders with the tools they need

Robustel industrial solutions will help machine builders stay on top of advancements. With cellular routers, machine builders will be able to access connected devices from anywhere around the world on a secure and private connection. Open up a world of applications with Robustel, and simplify equipment management and maintenance.

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