The utility industry is constantly looking for ways to improve its network and processes to deliver reliable and low-cost electricity to consumers. This is leading many companies to embrace utility automation as a way to efficiently balance the demands of increased consumption with resource availability and low-cost operational methods.

The same way that retail is utilising automation, the utility sector is also leveraging distribution solutions like sensors, robotics, automated networks and switches to streamline operations. The utility industry has improved the monitoring, control and management of medium-voltage (MV) and low-voltage (LV) grids through automation distribution solutions. From substations to smart metering, distribution automation is improving the efficiency of power distribution from grids across the world.  

Whether you are looking to set up new equipment, or future-proof legacy equipment, Robustel has distribution solutions that will connect you to an efficient and reliable network.

Distribution automation solutions 

Electric power distribution network operators need to ensure networks are running smoothly, as the slightest error has the potential to disrupt the entire network flow. 

Automation distribution ensures that all parts of a network work smoothly together to minimise disruptions. Sensors, automated processes and smart meters can all be used in a range of ways, with a shared goal of: 

  • Reducing line loss. The distribution substation is a central hub for electrical distribution. The implementation of distribution automation technologies can create more reliable and secure connections with the substation. 
  • Limiting the occurrences of outages. Monitoring the network for peaks in activity can help operators ensure enough energy is distributed. 
  • Improving reliability. Distribution automation increases grid reliability with automatic control functions and load shedding. 
  • Easing the integration of new renewable technologies. Automation solutions can easily be adjusted to cater for new technologies, without the need to upgrade your entire system. 
  • Saving on operating costs. Instead of having technicians visit a site to switch a capacity bank, automatic controls can be used, reducing the cost of an onsite team.  
  • Collect data from a range of sites. Regardless of location, an automation distribution system enables remote connectivity to a range of equipment from a centralised location. 

Smart grid distribution

An important application of automation distribution is the monitoring and diagnosis of faults in the grid to maintain a reliable energy supply. Automated technologies, like sensors and meters, can identify and isolate the root of faults and help operators quickly and efficiently repair them with minimal disruption to the consumer.

Reliable automated distribution systems

Extreme weather events have the capacity to impact an entire network. An automated distribution system can limit the extent of an outage. Operators can access switches from a remote location, re-routing energy flow while the fault is repaired.

Monitor utility automation equipment

Automated distribution technologies reduce the operating and maintenance cost of aging or remote equipment. Technicians can use sensors to monitor equipment temperature levels, ensuring any minor issues are addressed before they cause a major outage.

Control automated switches

Using automation distribution solutions, operators can configure switches to open and close at set time intervals. Smart commands from an autonomous control system or signals from operators can be used to respond to spikes or flow disturbances and cut down on the need for crews to visit a site for a simple switch configuration. 

Distribution network for electricity

Creating an automated distribution system allows the utilities industry to implement flexible control of the networks consumers rely on. Robustel distribution automation solutions can help you overcome the challenge of acquiring and storing real-time distribution network electricity data from several locations. Our 3G/4G routers enable remote access from one or several locations. Our routers are tough and can handle high industrial operating temperatures, making them ideal for deployment in the harsh environments often associated with the energy supply network. 

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