There are three key sectors in Renewable Energy in which Robustel's 3G and 4G cellular routers are applied:


Solar PV Systems

In small-scale systems, the solar inverter is connected via serial or Ethernet communications to a Robutel industrial router. This gives quick and easy remote access to information pertaining to electrical energy generation. In larger arrays, there is often a requirement to perform other telemetry functions - this data can also be transmitted to a central server across the internet using a Robustel cellular router.


Wind turbines

Robustel's 3G/4G routers can connect directly to the control panel inside the nacelle of a wind turbine or indirectly via an Industrial Ethernet LAN containing multiple turbines. Whether the architecture is simple or more complex requiring VPNs and routing protocols, Robustel's pre-sales team are available to advise an optimal solution



Any significant renewable energy sites such as those leveraging hydroelectric, biomass, wave, tide or other generation types generally need a communication link. Whilst some can be catered for by a direct cabled internet connection using Robustel 3G/4G routers as primary or a backup mode of operation is a very cost-efficient way to deliver internet connectivity.



What are the benefits of partnering with Robustel to deploy Renewable Energy Solutions?


Robustel Benefits at a glance


  • Competitive Pricing - Robustel's industrial routers offer a very compelling price/performance ration for renewable energy applications - the right blend of quality and cost.
  • ‘Dual module’ routers – Allows 2 x 4G SIMs to be used concurrently. The router can switch to a backup 4G path in under 3 seconds – ideal for critical security applications.
  • Industrial Performance - Industrial operating temperature, over-voltage protection and robust housing make Robustel routers ideal for installation in harsh environments.
  • Outdoor Ready – Specialist IP67 enclosure (TPH-6700) available to house 4G router and optionally customer electronics externally in space-constrained applications
  • Global Certifications - Global certifications for Robustel 3G/4G routers in North America, Europe, Asia-Pac and more - please enquire for full details.
  • ‘RobustVPN’ – A unique networking solution from Robustel. Allows deployers to make a remote connection to any Ethernet or serial device directly using any SIM anywhere on the planet without the need for a static IP address.


Create your own application using RobustOS

All Robustel routers run the Linux-based, “RobustOS” operating system.


Because Robustel write the router Operating System in-house, Robustel’s levels of tech support and software customisation far exceed the typical capabilities available in the market.


This means that users in the Renewable Energy market can develop a dedicated application for Robustel’s routers to customise the product’s behaviour to exactly meet the project’s demands.


An example of such an application would be to connect the router RS232 port to a legacy RS232 based controller and use the router to perform some "protocol translation", converting a custom protocol into usable data that can be ingested by an MQTT-based server on the internet.


Cloud Device Management and VPN Access through RCMS

Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) is Robustel’s custom IoT software platform and eco-system. Connecting your Robustel device to RCMS opens up a world of applications to make managing devices, connectivity and provisioning simple.


Use the Robustlink Device Manager App inside RCMS to instantly access your connected devices from anywhere. Allowing you remotely configure, update apps & firmware, debug error logs and view data usage at any time.


Use the RobustVPN App inside RCMS to create allocate one or many of your deployed devices to a VPN group which can they be accessed through the RobustVPN desktop application to access your deployed devices without the security risk of a public IP address or the need for private Static IP allocation from your carrier.