Global IoT routers

IoT is changing the industrial landscape. The deployment of smart devices and connected networks offers new opportunities for industries to streamline operations and improve cost-efficiency globally, from smart cities and healthcare to retail and manufacturing. As IoT deployments expand across international borders, a suite of new challenges arise, including a reliable connection for operators to track devices, no matter where they’re located. Industrial routers have traditionally been supplied on a per region basis due to cost and certifications. However, Robustel’s R1520 is a global 4G router designed for companies that want a simple one-size fits all solution for global 4G industrial router deployments.  

R1520 Global IoT Router

The R1520 Global IoT router is Robustel’s latest addition to the popular R1520 series. The R1520 router from Robustel is a versatile 4G LTE router with 5 x Ethernet ports, GPS and E-mark certification for in-vehicle use. It is also ideal for Smart Cities and Retail applications.

Achieve seamless connection and intelligent administration for your company by upgrading to the Robustel R1520 Global IoT Router today. To help you with your digital transformation, take advantage of dependable 4G connection, flexible features, and cutting-edge security. The Robustel R1520 Global IoT Router can transform your IoT applications when you connect with us right away.

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Robustel’s global router 4G applications

There is a high demand from system integrators, IoT application developers and mobile network operators. Robustel’s R1520 answers that demand and can be used across a range of industries including:
  • •Retail systems: Point of Sale, ATM, kiosks and vending machines.
  • •Industrial IoT including in-vehicle applications: Machinery remote monitoring and high-value assets monitoring and control.
  • •Smart Cities: CCTV, traffic control, lighting management, disaster monitoring and independent living management.
Robustel’s versatile 4G industrial wireless 4G router is designed for global deployments with certifications including but not limited to: 
  • •IC - Canada
  • •CCC - China
  • •IMDA - Singapore
  • •NBTC - Thailand
  • •KCC - Korea
  • •CE - Europe
  • •ICASA - South Africa
  • •RCM - Australia and New Zealand 
  • •TRA - United Arab Emirates
These certifications are just an example of the numerous global certifications, with many more pending. Reach out to us for a more in-depth overview of the countries we offer solutions for.  

Robustel’s 4G IoT routers will get you connected

Failing networks and communication issues are a threat when deploying IoT devices globally and can also be a costly expense. Robustel's Smart Reboot Capability removes that issue. With an SMS prompt, the IoT router will delete the last known network, reboot and then choose a network with the best signal strength. This minimises downtime which can be expensive and disruptive to services.  Access is another major issue for businesses operating on a global scale. Operators want to be able to manage devices without physically having to visit a site. RobustVPN is a Cloud Based VPN tunnelling technology that provides Robustel routers with a fixed private IP address - allowing easy remote access anywhere in the world. That means operators can manage their networks in real time, with a SIM card from any provider.   

Robustel's global 4G routers

Robustel’s global 4G IoT router has a range of features to suit your needs including:
  • •Global 4G frequency coverage for all continents.
  • •Global certifications for all major countries. 
  • •Free cloud management platform for easy global monitoring
  • •802.3at compliant POE interface for simple powering.
  • •E-mark certification for in-vehicle solutions.
  • •Smart Roaming capability for enhanced roaming SIM management. 
  • •Supports Dual SIMs and WiFi/Ethernet as WAN.
  • •Access to RobustVPN - a hosted service that provides a fixed IP router.
  • •Wireguard/IPsec/OpenVPN/DMVPN
If you’re ready to take your business global, Robustel will get you connected. With a cost-efficient and reliable solution our team is here to help with your needs. Get in contact for more information about the latest global 4G technology.