As the number of vehicles on our busy roads continues to climb, drivers rely on efficient traffic management systems to create a smooth and seamless drive. As with many other industries, operators are utilising the Internet of Things (IoT) to help improve and develop effective traffic management solutions

IoT connected devices have a range of applications, including real-time monitoring of traffic conditions and the ability to respond to events from a remote location. From smart traffic lights to solutions that assist in smart parking machines, IoT traffic solutions are being deployed far and wide. 

Robustel has a range of industrial routers ideal for harsh outdoor environments and easy to deploy across a range of traffic solutions. We’ll help you remotely manage your traffic and car parking networks by connecting your critical infrastructure to our rugged devices.


Variable message signs

Electronic traffic signs or variable message signs (VMS) are a flexible and customisable way to inform drivers about changing conditions or potential hazards in real-time. A staple in road management solutions, these signs can be used to relay timely information about: 


  • A change in road conditions
  • Roadworks
  • A change in speed limits
  • An accident 
  • Weather warnings
  • Traffic congestion
  • Alternative routes


These traffic control systems can be adjusted in real-time from a remote location as conditions change to help drivers navigate the roads safely. 

Whether you’re looking to connect a VMS on the back of a small truck, or as a permanent fixture on a freeway, Robustel routers are customisable to complement your traffic management solutions. Our routers are tough and are ideal for all weather conditions, ensuring you have a reliable and secure line at all times. 


Average journey time 

A common issue drivers face is predicting the average journey time of their trip. While access to GPS and navigational tools can often help guide them, traffic is unpredictable. One traffic management solution is the use of a fully connected smart traffic system. 

Using real-time data on traffic congestion or roadworks, IoT connected devices can relay information back to drivers quickly. Data leveraged by smart traffic cameras and real-time reports can be used to find the most efficient route, while informing drivers of realistic average journey times. 

These journey systems require secure and reliable internet access. Robustels 3G/4G routers provide just this, helping operators better manage their traffic networks by ensuring drivers are taking the most efficient route. Optimised with Smart Roaming, our unique network is designed to keep drivers and operators connected. 


Smart parking solutions 

With more cars on the road, many drivers are often faced with the challenge of finding a space to park. The mismanagement of car parking spaces can not only lead to lengthened travel times and lost customers through a lack of accessibility, but also accidents. To combat this, many companies and councils have turned to smart parking solutions to ease congestion and inform drivers with real-time data on spot availability.


IoT technology can be deployed across multiple traffic parking solutions to help: 

  • Display availability information 
  • Offer online payments to efficiently keep traffic moving
  • Provide parking indicators and notifications of free spots
  • Decrease output costs through digitisation 
  • Managers efficiently control the movement of vehicles
  • Address issues before they escalate 


Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

One increasingly popular IoT traffic management solution is automatic number plate recognition. Utilising image processing technology to identify a vehicle’s number plate, operators are able to create smoother parking experiences. Through a digitalised payment system or reserved parking bays, automatic number plate recognition can allow specific drivers into a lot and keep the flow of traffic moving. It can also keep out prohibited vehicles, e.g tenant only parking. 

These systems often require a secure and reliable internet connection to transfer “evidence packs” from a remote point to a central server for processing. Robustel’s unique networking connection, Robust VPN, provides a connection from a remote location, offering security of collected data. 


Smart Parking Machine

Parking machines can also be optimised using a Robustel router. Many of these machines have a telemetry requirement and need a secure and reliable connection to transfer collected data from remote points to a central, receiving server. Our 3G/4G routers not only provide a secure connection, but can also be used to provide backhaul and keep your collected data safe. 

Robustel’s traffic management and road infrastructure solutions can be customised to suit your needs. Create your own application with expert support to ensure the product’s behaviour exactly meets your project’s needs. Talk to one of our team members about how we can help get you connected.