Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have long been used in traditional industrial facilities to simplify material handling and transportation. However, as industrial operations grow, the traditional method of connecting AGVs to Wi-Fi networks inside a Local Area Network (LAN) has shown limitations. 


Wi-Fi connection gets constrained as more industrial AGVs move across production floors, causing transmission instability. These delays in production, bottlenecks, and general efficiency may all result from these disruptions.


Moreover, the difficulty of AGVs switching across networks might cause communication problems compromising their reliability. Additionally, the current configuration restricts the use of AGV management by limiting monitoring and control to the boundaries of the factory.


As industrial operations advance, many are looking towards 5G connectivity to enable next-generation smart factories. With ultra-low latency and exponentially faster speeds, 5G has the potential to transform automation technologies like AGVs.


Therefore, a robust solution - industrial AGV networking enhanced solution is needed to address the demand and pain points in the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial automation.


The Solution: Robustel’s Industrial AGV Networking Enhanced Solution

By redefining AGV communication, the industrial Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) networking solution improved networking stability, security, and adaptability. 


The Robustel IIoT Gateway, the Robustel RCMS device management platform, and direct Ethernet connections to the AGVs to enable reliable networking.


Ethernet connections are currently being used to link AGVs to the Robustel 5G Gateway. The dependency on Wi-Fi in the past has been replaced by this direct connection. 


The 5G Gateway acts as the connecting element, establishing a dedicated private network connection between AGVs and the Robustel RCMS device management platform. Smooth communication throughout the whole working environment and outside of the industrial area is guaranteed by this strategic design.


The Benefits of Robustel’s Industrial AGV Networking Enhanced Solution

Below are the benefits of using Robustel’s Industrial AGV Networking Enhanced Solution.


High-speed Connectivity

The Industrial AGV Networking Enhanced Solution switches to 5G cellular private networks from traditional GSM or Wi-Fi networks. This solution provides a reliable high-speed connection for the AGVs, helping them to achieve the lowest possible latency and stable network coverage for the entire factory.


Security Assurance

Strict security measures are required for industrial activities. RobustOS, an IoT gateway operating system that has passed through penetration testing by Nettitude, a highly regarded information security laboratory, fortifies the Robustel IIoT Gateway. With the help of this strong security architecture, production operations are protected from malicious network attacks.


Real-Time Monitoring

Robustel's RCMS device management platform can achieve real-time monitoring and management of industrial AGV. This ensures the orderly operation and data acquisition of equipment, understanding of the on-site situation for analysis in real-time, and facilitating the transformation of factory automation.


The direct connection of AGVs with Robustel 5G Gateway and the Robustel RCMS device management platform addresses the issues of transmission instability and network switching disruptions.


Real-time monitoring and security assurance ensure that production runs smoothly with a steady connection. It reduces the number of interruptions that can reduce production effectiveness.


Robustel's industrial AGV networking enhanced solution is a cutting-edge innovation that drives the manufacturing sector towards a future where efficiency, dependability, and adaptability merge seamlessly.