A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine plays an important role in the manufacturing industry. The complexity of using this machine is relatively high as it is an electromechanical integration product that combines various technologies such as machinery, sensing, and information processing. The data is, however, not quite accessible. 


The technical maintenance staff can only work on-site; they are unable to conduct remote management or targeted issue diagnostics, which raises operation and maintenance costs.


Additionally, equipment failure may have a negative impact on production quality and efficiency. Also, the inability to quickly stop malfunctions and fix them can have a serious negative impact on the enterprise's production capacity.


Therefore, a CNC Machine Remote Control Solution is an optimal choice to address remote monitoring and maintenance. 


Let’s discover how Robustel’s CNC Machine Remote Control Solution works and its advantages. 


How Does the CNC Machine Remote Control Solution Work?


Through a serial interface, the CNC machine is linked to the Robustel lloT Gateway. The gateway transmits the CNC machine tool's operational data to the RCMS device management platform through a 5G high-speed cellular private network. 


The whole system is composed of both software and hardware, including the revolutionary Rubont RCMS IoT cloud service platform software and the device management platform's capacity to create data synchronization links with customer operation centers.


The Key Features of Robustel’s CNC Machine Remote Control Solution


Below are the key features that make this solution efficient and can help reduce enterprise operation and maintenance costs:


High-Speed Connectivity


The Robustel Edge Computing Gateway offers numerous connectivity options, including wired, wireless, and cellular high-speed networks (5G/4G/3G). When combined with the link management feature offered by RobustOS Pro, these options enable reliable, high-speed data transmission channels for a variety of networking scenarios.


Edge Computing


The high-performance CPU in the Robustel Edge Computing Gateway increases the computing capacity of edge applications and offers enough processing power for real-time reaction, optimization, and intelligent analysis of data from on-site equipment.


Information Transparency


Using the RCMS device management platform, managers can easily access the location of the transparency devices, details about their current configuration, and extensive real-time on-site data.


The Advantages of Robustel’s CNC Machine Remote Control Solution


With its cutting-edge technology and innovative features, this solution has a wide range of advantages, revolutionizing how CNC machines are controlled and monitored. Here are the top advantages of using Robustel’s CNC Machine Remote Control Solution:


Support for Custom Applications


Both the RobustOS and RobustOS PRO operating systems include a feature-rich SDK that enables developers to run supplemental applications on router resources, sometimes sparing the expense of an extra embedded PC.


Supports Docker


Thanks to Robustel's support for Docker containerization, users may rapidly and simply move their current applications from other computing platforms into the core of the EG5000 series range of Gateways.


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Flash Manager Tool


Robutel's EG5000 series gateways provide a special storage management tool that lowers the danger of client applications "wearing out" NAND Flash-based storage.