Urban water supply pipelines serve as vital lifelines for urban areas. However, it faces various challenges due to their extensive distribution, complex environment, and multiple nodes. In the end maintenance personnel encounters difficulty when locating fault points, leading to prolonged water outages.


This is why continuous monitoring of water pressure and flow using a water supply monitoring solution is essential. It enables water distribution companies to make real-time adjustments and optimize water distribution. Additionally, it helps identify potential issues before they become significant problems.


This is one of the main reason why Robustel comes up with urban water supply pipeline monitoring solution, a smart water management solution which is the key to address urban water supply distribution issues and challenges.


The Solution to Water Supply Pipeline Challenges

To ensure continuous water supply and to effectively manage the urban water supply pipelines, Robustel designed a comprehensive utility management solution to address the challenges faced by water distribution companies. The controller (RTU) of the pipeline monitoring end is connected to water pressure, flow sensor, and solenoid valve through the line.


Then, this RTU is connected to Robustel industrial IoT gateway through the RS-485 serial port. By connecting the RTU to the gateway, it can collect vital information such as water pressure, flow rate and solenoid valve status. Then, it transmits the data to the monitoring center through 4G LTE cellular network making it provide a timely and reliable data.


Key Features of Water Supply Monitoring Solution

Stable Connection

IIoT Gateways using cellular networks delivers reliable wireless connection for continuous data transmission even in challenging environments, ensuring a reliable connection to your water supply distribution system.


Flexible Configuration

RobustOS provides flexible range of device management options, allowing you to configure and control your water supply monitoring system via SMS, web interface, command line, cloud platform, or other methods that suit your specific requirements


Remote Operation and Maintenance

Robustel's RCMS device management platform can help your maintenance team to monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot your water supply system remotely and in real-time, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.



Topology Smart Building Management via LoRaWAN Solution

Why Choose Robustel IIoT Gateways for Your Water Monitoring Solution?

  • Robust Design
    Robustel products have their own industrial housing that are built to withstand any challenging environments to ensure reliability of its function and protect it against dust, humidity, vibration, and EMC.
  • High-Speed Connectivity
    Robustel 5G routers delivers high-speed connection, the main requirement for real-time data transmission. Moreover it supports 5G Release 16 with fast DL/UL speeds in NSA/SA modes delivering high speed connectivity required for real-time data transmission even without 5G.
  • Precise Positioning
    Integrated GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) capabilities for accurate location tracking, aiding in pipeline mapping and issue identification.
  • Free Router Management Platform
    The RCMS platform simplifies large-scale management of SIM cards and routers. The basic version is free, with additional features available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The Bottom Line

Robustel's urban water supply pipeline monitoring solution is a revolutionary technology. Its IoT Gateway routers deliver real-time data and remote management helping water distribution companies to proactively maintain their infrastructure, reduce disruptions, and ensure a consistent and reliable water supply.