Water scarcity issues are forcing the water management sector to develop smart water systems that improve efficiency and sustainability. IoT connected smart water solutions are being deployed to monitor, control and regulate the usage and quality of water.

Equipment like sensors, smart water meters, data processing software and control systems are helping smart water management systems overcome outdated technology and increasing labour costs.


Smart Water Management topology

Water management systems

Urban and metropolitan water consumption continues to challenge counsels and private companies. Using Robustel routers to connect to water management technology, vested parties can snapshot, interpret and measure relevant real-time and historical data, helping controllers identify water use trends by area, density and suburb. Make informed decisions empowered by Robustel gateways, granting you remote access and control over wells, dams, valves and drainage across both rural and urban areas.


Water quality testing

Manual water quality analysis can be time consuming, prone to human error and questionable data quality. Using Robustel’s specialised technologies, water quality is analysed in real-time without the need for an operator to travel to the site, sending feed data back remotely. These sensors can also be used in monitoring water quality across a period of time consistently and effectively, measuring factors like:

  • pH (acidity)
  • Temperature
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Conductivity
  • Salinity

Measurables can impact water management as low or high levels may affect whether the water is appropriate for domestic or industrial use.


Wastewater management

IoT in wastewater management systems has a range of applications, with sensors being used to monitor:

  • Water levels
  • Leaks in piping systems
  • Water quality
  • Water flow

Reliable communication between waste water management systems and operators can help with efficiency and cost savings with quick actions taken to minimise water wastage. With end to end solutions, engineers can solve any issues or emergencies quickly - before they become too serious.


Water dispersal

Ensuring the right amount of water is being dispersed without wastage is a key issue in water management. To overcome this, pressure sensors can be embedded into water distribution lines, monitoring the flow of water supply in real-time. Using Robustel gateways, operators can remotely control and monitor in real-time, ensuring that supply demand is met and water is sustainably distributed.


What is smart water?

The smart water management definition can differ depending on the industry and the context it’s been used in. Overall, smart water can be summed up as water that is efficiently and sustainability resourced. Smart water systems are designed to gather data on the flow, pressure and distribution of water. The main goal of smart water is to ensure that the resource is being managed effectively by using data to help inform decisions. Smart water systems use equipment and technology like sensors, control panels and wireless communication to detect and relay information about leaks and changes in water pressure.


Why do they call it smart water?

Smart water is fuelled by IoT technology that helps the system and operators make smarter, more efficient decisions. Targeted technologies can enhance operations while reducing overall costs.

The smart water process is simple and can be broken down into three main steps:

  1. Data collection
  2. Analysis of data
  3. Implementation of decisions based on the results from the data.

What is water management?

Water management is the control and effective movement of water resources, maximised for efficient use through planning, developing, distributing and managing water resources. Some areas include:

  • Water treatment for drinking water
  • Wastewater management
  • Management of irrigation systems
  • Industrial water management.

Robustel can help you develop a smart water application for your needs. Whether it’s collecting real-time data from a water treatment plant, or monitoring SCADA communications, we’ll help get you connected.