Busy and demanding schedules make easy access to  everyday errands—like banking—essential. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are becoming more than cash-dispensing machines, they can also provide simple financial services like transferring money between accounts and cash deposits on the spot. However, ATMs can be expensive for banks to maintain, with issues from ATM security to repairs and downtime.  


Smart ATMs help banks cut costs with power savings, increased security and streamlined incident or malfunction management. By combining the ability to control an ATM from a remote location with operational data and real-time management, operators can maintain consistent uptimes and satisfy customer demand. 


How ATM management businesses use IoT solutions

While these machines have been around for years, they’ve experienced plenty of upgrades over the decades to keep pace with the digital transformation. Wireless ATM solutions are being used to help keep these machines connected, no matter their location. 

From providing ATM WiFi to secure data transmission, here are some of the ways IoT is being used to improve ATMs: 

  • Secure ATM data transfer. This is a requirement for mission-critical applications where highly sensitive information is transmitted. 
  • Improving uptime. Machines can be monitored for maintenance and networks can also be tracked to help predict outages. Automated checks can identify causes of failed transactions, reducing service disruptions. 
  • Predictive analysis. Automated networks can be used to suggest cash refill and optimise cash stocking and planning. 
  • Security. Sensors can be used to detect any security risks, before relaying real-time information to an operational centre. 
  • Analysing traffic. Sensors can also be used to track foot traffic, ensuring that ATM’s are installed in high-volume areas that offer access to crowds. 

Benefits of remote ATM monitoring

Using ATM wireless IoT solutions, operators can deploy, monitor and manage their machines from virtually anywhere. Here are some specific benefits of remote ATM monitoring.


Maintain 100% uptime with ATM routing solutions

ATM routers can be used to create multi-system monitoring, designed to keep communication open in all circumstances and avoid downtime. To ensure a reliable connection, Robustel routers are equipped with automatic failover and advanced redundancy features and support wired connection and 2 wireless connections as a backup.


Increase machine security

Live monitoring and real-time alerts can be used to reduce ATM vulnerability and protect against security threats. Operators can control sensors using the I/O ports and instantly respond to security attacks. These networks can also be programmed so that operators can use internal logic to execute commands that will help protect the machine. 


Manage device remotely

Robustel’s RCMS Stack allows operators to easily monitor, manage and limit on-site support. Institutions can also minimise repair costs by minimising the need to visit a physical site.


Cost-effective phone calls

Avoid a costly landline connection with circuit-switched voice. That allows you to make calls over 3G using a standard analogue phone.


Robustel’s ATM connectivity solutions 

Robsustel has an ATM IoT solution that will suit your needs. Our cellular routers transmit securely through an integrated stateful firewall and VPN tunnels supporting encryption with dynamic routing protocol. With cloud VPN portal RobustVPN, it makes remote ATM installation easier and more secure than ever before. 

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