In a world of constant communication, standing out from the crowd is key to getting your message across. A marketing campaign in the right place, at the right time, can make a real difference to your business. Traditional signage has come a long way, with digital signage IoT applications now commonplace across all industries.

A digital signage system is the perfect way to make sure your message gets noticed. Robustel smart digital signage solutions connect you with reliable and secure internet so you can keep your services and products displayed without interruption.



Retail Digital Signage

Digital signage is now standard in a range of settings, from sporting arenas to schools and even restaurants. Digital signage in retail helps businesses boost their presence and capture customers’ attention with up-to-date campaigns that can be tailored to a specific location or target demographic.


Using sounds, video, graphics and animation, the benefits of digital signage solutions are far greater than their traditional predecessor and include:

  • The ability to modify your display in real time. With digital signage solutions, you can change all displays, located at numerous sites, at the same time. You can quickly change, update or pull an offer completely without the cost of removing traditional displays and creating new ones to replace them.
  • The ability to make changes automatically. With the right setup, you won’t need to manually trigger changes. By using software compatible with your device, you can program your displays to change over a set period of time.
  • Attract more attention from those walking past. Digital signage isn't static, which means you have more flexibility to create messages that will catch a passerby's eye.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage for retail uses display technologies, such as video walls or LCD monitors, to display a range of content, from directions to marketing messaging and even emergency warnings. You’ll find digital signage in various settings, including public spaces, museums or galleries, sporting arenas, retail stores and corporate offices.

How does digital signage work?

Digital signage is a screen, normally an LED or LCD, that displays a form of visual messaging. It can be as basic as a PowerPoint slide, or as complex as an interactive guide. There are four components to digital signage:

  • Content that can include a simple message, or data and subscriptions.
  • Management systems that organise, schedule and deliver your message.
  • Playback through a media player.
  • Display screens that show the content.

Digital Signage Players

At the heart of a digital signage system is a computer that is embedded or attached to the display. Known as a digital signage player, it is responsible for feeding images, video and other forms of interactive content onto the screen.

Robustels 3G/4G routers and modems provide media players with fast internet access so they can constantly refresh and check the Content Management Server for updates to the messaging. This means operators can adjust their displays in real time, from wherever they are.

Remote maintenance of digital signage sites is made available through a fast, reliable internet connection. From a remote site, you're able to trigger a hard reset of the media player, cutting down on costs associated with site visits.


What is a digital signage media player?

A digital signage media player connects your display to a computer network. The player receives the media files for display, normally from a digital signage server, before it relays the files onto the display, sending your message out to reach their target audience.


Cloud Digital Signage Platform

To make the most of your IoT digital signage, you’ll need the best digital signage software to schedule, playback and deliver the content to the player.

Cloud digital signage software can handle your digital signage system with ease - managing and storing content and providing easy control of your system. Cloud server digital signage allows your company to safely store your digital content, while saving time and money.

Connect your device to the Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS), to make management and connectivity simple. You’ll be able to instantly access connected devices from anywhere to update, debug error logs and view data usage.

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