The presence of seamless connectivity is vital to every enterprise network to ensure efficient and proactive operations. However, unforeseen events and a breakdown in communication may significantly hinder operations and threaten the sustainability of a business.


Therefore, many businesses are seeking for advanced solutions to reduce downtime and for quick network restorations.


For this reason, Robustel has developed a state-of-the-art 5G networking solution for enterprise branch disaster recovery. It is intended to meet these changing needs by facilitating quick network restoration, reducing downtime, and guaranteeing a smooth return of business operations.


The Solution to Enterprise Networks Challenges

Robustel has created a cutting-edge Enterprise Branch Disaster Recovery 5G Networking Solution to reduce connectivity interruptions and guarantee the uninterrupted operation of business networks.


Ethernet and WiFi connections can be made between enterprise office equipment and the core switch. As the main network, the gateway is connected through an Ethernet port to the main switch of the enterprise. Then, cellular networks are used as a backup.


A secure virtual LAN is established between corporate branch offices via the use of VPN tunnels in conjunction with cellphone networks. This guarantees a reliable and safe fallback network connection, even in case the primary network fails.


Key Features of Enterprise Branch Disaster Recovery 5G Networking Solution


Intelligent Switching

In order to reduce the amount of time that a network connection is interrupted, the robustOS link management feature instantly detects network connections in real time and switches to a backup network link.


Security and Reliability

RobustOS was evaluated and validated by Nettitude, a reputable international cybersecurity lab, to be used as an IoT gateway operating system.


Information Encryption

RobustOS uses thorough security measures to safely create VPN encrypted tunnels with the data center, guaranteeing the security of data transmission.



Topology Enterprise Branch Disaster Recovery 5G Networking Solution

Why use Robustel 5G Networking Solution?

Robustel's 5G networking solution is designed to empower businesses and industries with reliable, high-speed connectivity. Here's why it stands out:


Uninterrupted Connectivity

  • Cellular Connection Keepalive: Robustel's cutting-edge technology ensures that your network remains online even in difficult conditions by continuously monitoring and immediately restoring cellular connections.
  • Dual SIM Card Design: You have an internal safety net when you have dual SIM backup. In the event of a failure on one network, the other easily steps in to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.


Cost-Effective & Scalable

  • Robustel offers a free Router Management Platform (RCMS) that makes it simple to control your routers and SIM cards at large scale. As your demands expand, upgrade to the PAYG version for more advanced capabilities.
  • Hardware of an Industrial Grade: Robustel routers are made to last. They are perfect for demanding industrial and Internet of Things applications since they can tolerate high temperatures, broad voltage ranges, and severe environments.


Future-Proof Your Network

  • Robustel's routers are 5G ready, meaning you're prepared for the upcoming wave of fast, low-latency connectivity. They are made to fully use the capabilities of 5G networks.

Are you prepared to unleash 5G's power? Get in touch with Robustel right now to learn how their cutting-edge networking solutions can revolutionize your company.