Communication networks have become the lifeblood of modern society due to the rapid growth of network services. These networks support our daily lives, from providing smooth interpersonal connections to running enterprises across all sizes.


However, we must acknowledge the possible potential risks as we increasingly rely on these network services. Natural disasters and man-made interruptions threaten the network infrastructure. This can cause network service to be down and even lead to network paralysis.


Moreover, after network failures, businesses will need to find a solution for its quick restoration. Quick network restoration is vital in addressing disruptions and to resume normal business function efficiently.


Therefore, to address the need for timely network restoration and reduce the impact of network failures, Robustel has designed an enterprise branch disaster recovery 5G networking solution that can help in timely restoration of your networks. This solution uses 5G technologyR5020 5G IoT router and the powerful network management tool which is Robustel RCMS device management platform to assure business continuity during network issues.


This comprehensive enterprise branch disaster recovery 5G network solution protects network connectivity for enterprises, especially branch offices. This safe, efficient, and dependable backup network solution uses Robustel’s R5020 5G IoT router and RCMS device management platform.


Key Components:

Branch Network Infrastructure

Office branches are dynamic, thus connectivity is crucial. Branch networked devices like cash registers and customer service terminals need a strong network infrastructure to perform well. This network instruction describes how the branch's network is designed for reliability and resilience, especially during network outages.


Primary and Backup Network Connections. A central switch drives device communication in the branch's network. This is done via wired and Wi-Fi connections. To improve network stability, a primary and backup network connection strategy is used.


R5020 Router. This solution relies on the R5020 5G router to provide network continuity. The main network connection is established through the branch's core switch to the R5020 router to connect the wired connection, which is robust and fast for daily operations.


Cellular Networks as Backup. Due to the significance of redundancy in network design, cellular networks are used as backups. If the primary network connection fails, the R5020 smoothly switches to 5G cellular networks. Even during primary network failures, this dynamic switchover maintains network connectivity.


Secure Virtual LAN (VPN Tunnels). Cellular networks and VPN tunnels strengthen the network. VPN tunnels connect bank branches securely using virtual LANs. In practice, this implies that data and communication can flow effortlessly across the cellular backup network during primary network failures while protecting company privacy and security.


Branch Network Failover

Business activities depend on uninterrupted network access. The high-performance CPU platform and mature and robust RobustOS operating system of the R5020 router ensure network continuity.


Real-Time Network Monitoring. RobustOS's link management capability identifies network connections live. This constant monitoring alerts network managers about status and issues.


Swift Failover Mechanism. The R5020 router quickly switches to a backup network link during network difficulties. Rapid failover decreases network connection interruption time, minimizing branch operations disturbances.


Branch Network Management

The branch's network needs centralized control to run well. Robustel Cloud Manager Service simplifies and improves office branch management. How it works:


Device Monitoring. The Robustel Cloud Manager Service monitors all branch network Robustel devices in real time. Device status, signal strength, data usage, and WAN details are monitored. Network administrators can make informed judgments and proactively handle network issues with this data.


Remote Device Access. The networked world requires remote access. Through a remote Command Line Interface (CLI), network administrators can configure or command Robustel devices. This functionality improves network management agility and reactivity regardless of location.


Virtual LAN Creation. Network administration requires security and accessibility. Robustel Cloud Manager Service creates a virtual LAN for branch network devices. Use preset desktop VPN clients to securely access this virtual LAN from anywhere. This allows enterprises to retain network integrity and privacy in remote or scattered sites.



A robust enterprise branch recovery 5G networking solution is vital in addressing the impact of businesses network failures. This can help to reduce the network connectivity disruptions and maintain the offices operations. Therefore, if your business is looking for an enterprise branch recovery 5G networking solution that can help in dependable, adaptable, and responsive networks, you can count on Robustel.