As the buildings and resident spaces are keeping up-to-date in terms of elevators communication solutions, we can see how it evolve over the years. Furthermore, the introduction of 4G VoIP and VoLTE gateways have brought efficiency and reliability over than the Traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) solutions.


For instance, Robustel’s EV8100 is a technological breakthrough which provides multiple of benefits that redefine the potential of smart elevator voice solutions.


In this article, let’s further discover the advantages of EV8100 4G VoIP and VoLTE gateway in the elevator voice solutions.


Key Advantages of EV8100 4G VoIP/VoLTE Gateway in Elevator Voice Solutions


Advantage 1: Integration with FXS Phone Line

One of the most notable features of the EV8100 is that it can be easily integrated with the Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) phone line infrastructure that is already in place.


Without the need for costly rewiring or infrastructure overhauls, this feature makes it possible to make a seamless transition from conventional PSTN systems to a more contemporary and effective 4G VoIP/VoLTE solution.  An example of this would be the EV8100, which serves as a bridge between the traditional FXS phone line and the more sophisticated 4G network.


Advantage 2: Cost Reduction through 4G Network Integration

A considerable benefit in terms of cost reduction is brought about for building owners and operators as a result of the EV8100's capability to harness the power of 4G networks.


By using the existing FXS phone line, the EV8100 taps into the 4G network, eliminating the need for dedicated PSTN lines.


This boosts communication and saves money by decreasing phone line maintenance expenses. Because of this, the final product is a voice communication system for elevators that is not only more economical but also less harmful to the environment.


Advantage 3: Enhanced Voice Quality

When it comes to voice quality, which is of the utmost importance in emergency circumstances, the EV8100 excels on this.


By overcoming the limits of old PSTN lines in terms of audio quality, the shift to VoLTE/VoIP technology provides clear communication.


Clarity eliminates miscommunications and ensures emergency information is conveyed successfully. Therefore, elevator passengers and emergency responders both benefit from this.

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Advantage 4: Uninterrupted Operation with Backup Battery

To protect passengers during a power outage, elevator communication systems must work. A backup battery solution solves this problem with the EV8100.

An uninterrupted communication connection is maintained by the EV8100 even when the power is off.

Because of this, safety is improved, and elevator communication is guaranteed to be dependable in all circumstances.




A big step forward in elevator communication solutions is represented by the EV8100, which has a gateway technology that supports 4G VoIP and VoLTE.


Robustel’s EV8100 establishes a new benchmark for dependability and efficiency in elevator voice communication by integrating without any disruption with the existing infrastructure, lowering operating costs, improving voice quality, and ensuring continuous operation with the assistance of backup batteries.


It serves a technological breakthrough in smart elevator solutions which is highly important in building a commercial and residential spaces.


Need a reliable 4G VoIP/VoLTE Gateway for your elevator voice solutions, you can always count with Robustels’s EV8100 elevator voice gateway.