There’s a rapid growth in sales of electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide, as they are becoming a game changer for cutting carbon emissions. A report from Quartz highlighted that EV sales increased by 60% worldwide in 2022.


As EVs become more popular worldwide, there’s also an exponential growth in the number of charging stations. In a report by SkyQuest, as of November 2022, there were over 2.3 million EV charging stations globally. The numbers are expected to hit over 16.8 million by 2028.


However, one of the major challenges that charging station providers face is finding a better solution for how to effectively manage EV charging stations.


The charging stations are commonly exposed to the outdoors, and some facilities have complex on-site environments that require industrial-grade networking equipment to resist the impact of harsh environments and ensure stable networking of charging stations.


Also, as there are various payment methods, customers have started paying for charging stations with their phones. This means that charging stations need secure and reliable internet connections.


Moreover, most parking lots include more than one charging station, which demands a reliable approach to tracking and managing them all.


Thus, there is an urgent need to network the charging stations. And, in this post, we will cover how electric vehicle charging IoT solutions may improve charging station management.


The Benefits of Using Electric Vehicle Charging Network Solutions

Here are the top reasons how electric vehicle charging network solution can effectively manage the EV charging stations:


1. Centralized Management

The network provider can remotely monitor and manage charging stations using an EV charging network solution. This helps coordinate charging stations so they're always available and functioning.


2. Real-time Monitoring

EV charging network solutions monitor charging stations in real time to measure use, identify any issues, and help users. Through this, EV drivers are less likely to meet a broken charging station.


3. Simplify Payments

EV charging network solutions simplify payment processing for network providers and EV drivers. This can support credit/debit cards, smartphone payment applications, and EV charging network memberships.


4. Integration with Other Systems

An EV charging network solution may be integrated with other systems, such as energy management systems and renewable energy sources, to improve charging operations and save costs.

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An EV charging network solution can efficiently manage EV charging stations by offering centralized management, real-time monitoring, payment processing, and interaction with other systems. This improves EV drivers' charging experiences and reduces network providers' infrastructure management costs and complexity.


Robustel’s Solutions for Effective Management of EV Charging Stations

Robustel provides unique EV charging station management solutions. A reliable 4G LTE cellular wireless network connects the charging station to the cloud monitoring platform.

Robustel's solutions safeguard network access and real-time charging station services with robust routing policies, VPN tunnels, and other functionalities.

The Robustel's industrial IoT gateway efficiently manages EV charging stations, providing EV drivers with a smooth and easy charging experience.


Why Use Robustel’s Network Solutions for EV Charging Stations?

Here are the top reasons why your charging stations should consider Robustel’s IoT Solutions:

  • Stable Connection. Robustel industrial IoT gateway's cellular network, wired, Wi-Fi, and other networking technology, together with RobustOS's link management function, enable continuous data transmission channels for diverse networking scenarios.
  • Safe and Reliable. RobustOS IoT gateway operating system provides security protection for IoT applications through the use of penetration testing conducted by Nettitude, an award-winning Penetration Testing Company.
  • Integrated Management. Robustel's independently developed RCMS device management platform provides effective management of a large number of devices, considerably minimizing the time and effort necessary to handle multiple devices.

Other advantages of Robustel’s wireless networking solutions for EV charging stations include:

  • Durable, stable, and reliable networking equipment
  • Supports DI/DO, serial port, and other industrial interfaces, compatible with various industrial scenarios
  • Provides accurate location information using GNSS global navigation satellite system
  • Certified by FCC/IC/CE/UKCA and other regions, helping global customers quickly access the network