About the Application

In the challenging landscape of earthquake and tsunami monitoring in Turkey, the "Regional Earthquake - Tsunami Monitoring and Evaluation Center" has harnessed the power of Robustel’s routers. These routers gather and transmit data, ensuring real-time public access to critical information.


For the Earthquake Monitoring System to work, seismic recorders in remote and hard-to-access places must send data to the Evaluation Center seamlessly.


This requires a reliable wireless communication solution. In 2013, the system used 3G communication infrastructure, but as coverage increased across Turkey, it switched to 4G.


Project Implementation: Second Phase

In the second phase of the project, six Robustel’s R3000-3Ps were strategically deployed at Antakya Airport station. These routers facilitated the real-time transmission of data collected via the RS-232 port to the Earthquake Monitoring System.

Key Features Influencing Choice of Robustel’s Routers for Earthquake Monitoring Systems

Effective earthquake monitoring requires reliable routers. Robustel's R3000-3P and R3000-Lite models are popular due to their seamless integration and efficient data transmission characteristics. Robustel routers are ideal for earthquake monitoring systems because of their fundamental properties.


RS-232 Port Support: Seamless Integration with Seismic Recorders

Robustel routers' RS-232 support is notable. An efficient connection with seismic recorders is possible with this seamless integration. Communication is easy and compatible with RS-232 port support, enabling a coherent seismic monitoring system.


Lossless and Stable Communication: Ensuring Reliability in Data Transmission

Data transmission dependability is non-negotiable when it comes to earthquake monitoring systems.


During the transmission process, the routers manufactured by Robustel are designed to create communication channels that are stable, hence reducing the likelihood of data corruption or loss.


The monitoring system is guaranteed to function in a consistent manner and to provide correct data for analysis thanks to this functionality.


Timely Data Transfer: Critical for Real-time Monitoring and Evaluation

When monitoring earthquakes, time is of the utmost importance. The Robustel R3000-3P and R3000-Lite models are exceptional when it comes to facilitating the transfer of data in a timely manner.


As a result of the capabilities of the routers, real-time monitoring and rapid evaluation of seismic events are made possible. This is essential to detect possible seismic risks early on and respond to them in a timely manner.


Industrial-Grade Hardware: Resistant to Challenging Environmental Conditions

It is common practice for earthquake monitoring to entail deployment in areas that are both diverse and demanding. In order to survive extreme environments, the routers manufactured by Robustel are equipped with industrial-grade hardware.


These routers offer consistent performance, which makes them ideal for deployment in areas that are prone to earthquakes because of their superior seismic resistance


Because they are able to survive situations that are characterized by high temperatures, excessive humidity, and other environmental difficulties, they are able to continue functioning normally.


Longest Working Robustel Device

Having won Robustel's "Seeking the Longest-running Robustel Devices" competition, the Robustel R3000 series router, which is utilized in the Earthquake Monitoring System, was able to garner this distinction. Since their installation in 2013, the R3000-3P series routers, which are situated in Hatay and Çanakkale, have been functioning without any issues, exhibiting durability and dependability that is unmatched in the industry.


Project Outcome and Long-Term Durability

The reliability of Robustel's hardware has been demonstrated by the fact that data from the Antakya station has been delivered to the laboratory in Istanbul in a perfect and consistent manner since 2013.


Following the successful integration of data from Antakya, Robustel’s routers were put into operation for the purpose of monitoring earthquakes in a number of different regions across Turkey.


Robustel’s routers enable a seamless, stable, and long-lasting earthquake monitoring system. Contact our experts today!