About the Project

Since 1997, Caffè Nero has been serving as a coffee shop chain with a presence in over 800 locations across Europe, including more than 80 branches in Turkey. The necessity for establishing a backup internet infrastructure in Caffè Nero outlets throughout Turkey emerged as part of Turkish Telekom's 4G backup internet access project.

4G Redundant Internet Access in Caffè Nero Branches

To meet Turkish Telekom's demands, such as swift product supply, project consultancy, and technical support, GSL partnered as the solution provider in the project. The project employed Robustel's R1510-4L router – an industrial 4G router to back up the devices furnished by Turkish Telekom with DSL infrastructure in Caffè Nero branches. 


These devices activate in the event of any DSL line disconnection, ensuring stable communication until the line is restored. Due to their significantly more potent chips compared to enterprise routers, they can maintain a reliable connection.


Moreover, the project addressed the necessity of providing wireless internet access to Caffè Nero customers through the Wi-Fi support of R1510-4L. This was accomplished by distributing internet using an office-type Access Point within the store.


Why Robustel 4G Router was Preferred?

The preference for the Robustel industrial 4G router in the implementation of the GSM-supported internet access project for Caffè Nero was influenced by several key features:

  1. Uninterrupted Router Connections. Robustel's 4G router ensures a continuous and stable connection, minimizing disruptions and downtime in internet access.
  2. Redundant Internet Access with GSM Support. The router's capability to leverage 4G for backup internet access proves crucial during DSL outages, providing a redundant and reliable connection.
  3. User-Friendly Router Interface. Operators and administrators can configure and operate the router because of its simple user interface.
  4. Effortless Remote Access. The router makes distant connections simple, letting you access devices from a single hub. This function improves monitoring and maintenance efficiency.
  5. Wi-Fi Support for Customers. Wifi connectivity improves Caffè Nero customers' experience and convenience by providing wireless internet access.
  6. Compact Design for Limited Spaces: The Robustel 4G router's compact design makes it ideal for limited spaces such as in retail environments.
  7. Robustel's Cloud-Based Device Management (RCMS). The use of Robustel's Cloud Manager Services (RCMS) offers a centralized and cloud-based solution for easy access, configuration, and control of the devices. This enhances overall manageability and responsiveness in maintaining the network.


These features make the Robustel 4G router a reliable solution for Caffè Nero's demands, delivering a smooth and robust internet infrastructure for ongoing operations and customer service.