In the ever-changing world of energy distribution, it's important to have a strong SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) setup to make sure everything runs smoothly and stays safe. The OEDAŞ SCADA Infrastructure Adaptation Project, which kicked off in 2020 and is still ongoing, shows a real commitment to updating communication systems in the energy field. A key component in the OEDAŞ SCADA Infrastructure Adaptation Project's seamless connectivity and communication is the Robustel's R1510 router.


Project Overview

The OEDAŞ SCADA Infrastructure Adaptation Project aimed to establish a reliable and secure communication network for the transmission of data from the field to the SCADA center. This project involved the implementation of a closed-circuit communication infrastructure, using fiber lines in a redundant ring topology. One of the key requirements was compliance with the IEC 61850-3 standard, an Ethernet-based international communication standard, for the equipment and protection relays in SCADA panels.

Robustel R1510 Router: A Critical Component

The success of the OEDAŞ SCADA Infrastructure Adaptation Project is intricately tied to the choice of key components, and at the heart of seamless communication stands Robustel's R1510 router.


This router proved to be a key component in meeting the stringent requirements of the project.


Here are several factors that led to the selection of Robustel's R1510 Router as a key component in this project.


1. Industry-Centric Protocol Support

Following certain communication standards is a must in the energy industry. The essential support for IEC-104 and Modbus protocols provided by the Robustel R1510 router makes it stand out.


This feature ensures seamless integration with the existing infrastructure and meets industry standards. Moreover, it works with a wide range of devices and equipment in the energy distribution network.


2. Unmatched Stability in 4G Communication

It guarantees uninterrupted data transfers even in challenging environments by providing a 4G connection that is both reliable and steady. Therefore, the R1510 router serves as a dependable backbone for the SCADA operation system.


3. Security at the Forefront

Security vulnerabilities in SCADA systems can have severe consequences. Recognizing this, the Robustel R1510 router incorporates advanced security features. The inclusion of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Access Point Name (APN) support ensures a secure connection to the remote router.


The resilience of the energy distribution network as a whole is strengthened as a result of this, as it not only safeguards sensitive data but also defends against potential cyber threats.


4. Seamless Integration in SCADA Architecture

By providing the interfaces and features that are required to link protection relays to the network, the R1510 router is able to integrate itself without any difficulty into SCADA architecture. Streamlining the process of data transfer is made possible by its interoperability with the switches that connect protection relays on the SCADA panel. ​With seamless integration, it makes the whole process of installation much simpler.


5. Reliability beyond Expectations

In the OEDAŞ SCADA Infrastructure Adaptation Project, the Robustel R1510 router proved to be more than just a component; it became a reliability cornerstone.


Providing a reliable and secure communication pathway that was able to meet the severe requirements of the energy sector, the router's performance was superior to what was anticipated.


The Bottom Line

The Robustel R1510 router has emerged as an essential and important component towards the implementation of OEDAŞ SCADA Infrastructure Adaptation Project.


Because of its industry-centric protocol compatibility, unrivaled stability in 4G connection, significant attention to security, seamless integration in SCADA architecture, and overall reliability, it is an exceptional option for projects that require the highest standards in energy distribution network communication.


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