IP67 router

Robustel, a leading industrial IoT/M2M hardware and solution provider, launched the first IP67 housing Typhoon6700 (TPH6700) for most of Robustel routers.

Designed to protect devices and connectors from extreme outdoor environments and harsh industrial conditions, TPH6700 provides a weatherproof enclosure based on the available features of R2000/R2000 Ent/R3000/R3000 Lite.

A powerful Robustel industrial router and TPH6700 therefore can be combined in a single unit, providing high-protection for the use of the whole equipment. With an IP67 rated enclosure, TPH6700 can be mounted either on a wall or a pole and positioned in diverse temperatures and environments, including rainy, damp, coastal, desert and other harsh situations, with the following advantages:
– IP67 standard: waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosive
– Small & lightweight: around 1 kg;
– Easy Installation: Support wall mounting and pole mounting

At the same time, it has a wealth of power input options, including AC input, built-in DC input, POE input, external solar energy charge input, with 24 hours rechargeable battery for endurance available.

Thanks to the above features, TPH6700 can seal out water and dust in extreme conditions and thus is applicable in various outdoor scenarios, such as public facilities management, energy and power, mining, construction sites, industrial automation, etc.