[Guangzhou, 1 Feb 2024]- Robustel is proud to unveil the latest innovation to its 5G router portfolio, the R5010 High Speed 5G Router, equipped with support for both 5G NSA (non-standalone) and 5G SA (standalone) networks and built-in compatibility with 3GPP Release 16.


With its compact design (10cm in length), multiple power supply options (PoE & USB), Ethernet/USB Modem Mode, the R5010 is a suitable choice for enterprise users who are looking for high bandwidth Fixed Wireless Access, or for mobile internet.


R5010 High Speed 5G Router


The R5010 leverages Robustel’s “RobustOS” operating system providing a simple, secure and lightweight operator interface. RobustOS has been penetration tested by UK Cybersecurity experts Nettitude and shown to have ZERO VULNERABILITES as of Q4 2022. “Security by Design” means RobustOS continues to be monitored and updated to counter emerging security threats.


R5010 High Speed 5G Router


R5010 is also a powerful Category 18 4G router which means that even in locations without 5G coverage users can still benefit from broadband in excess of 100Mbps using Carrier Aggregation on 4G – also known as LTE-Advanced.


R5010 High Speed 5G Router


Enterprise Applications

R5010 offers a low-cost bolt-on for existing SD-WAN (or similar) installations where an additional cellular (4G/5G) WAN is desirable.

It can operate at Layer 2, effectively as a modem, to avoid changes in network topology, or it can be a fully featured layer 3 router with extensive firewall + VPN capabilities.

This makes cellular backup an affordable reality for even the smallest of retail chains/organisations.


Being PoE powered and with a small footprint, the R5010 can be easily sited at an optimal location to receive high frequency 5G signals and maximise data speeds.


Even in modem mode, R5010 will report its status and can be controlled by Robustel’s excellent router monitoring platform – RCMS (Robustel Cloud Manager Service), so there is no danger of a black hole in your network monitoring setup.



Industrial Applications

The higher bandwidth afforded by 5G – both in the downlink and the uplink is being leveraged in a number industrial market segments. These include:

Rapid Deployable Cameras – more bandwidth at the right price is always desirable in this market

CCTV – an increasing number of system integrators are connecting IP cameras directly to cellular networks, avoiding the cost of NVRs or DVRs on every site

Private 4G and 5G networks – R5010 provides a perfect ‘gateway’ between devices such as forklift trucks and AGVs in private network environments

The R5010 is fully compatible with Robustel's free router monitoring service, Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS). This comprehensive software, hosted on Microsoft Azure, enables efficient router management and can be privately hosted for tailored solutions.



Key Features of R5010

- Universal 5G/4G/3G cellular connectivity

- Cutting-edge 5G 3GPP Release 16 cellular interface

- 1 x Gigabit Ethernet port

- PoE powering supported for optimal location of router for 5G signal

- USB modem mode for versatile connectivity options

- Fully programmable Operating System with a well-documented SDK

- Multiple VPN options, including DMVPN, IPsec, L2TP, and more

- Free router management platform - RCMS

- Robust metal enclosure with small footprint, offering DIN-rail and wall mount options



About Robustel

Robustel manufactures and supplies wireless networking devices and solutions, primarily for the industrial and IoT markets. The company's expanding service portfolio includes cellular, LPWAN, and WLAN routers, gateways, modems, sensors, as well as end-to-end vertical-focused IoT solutions and software.


Founded in 2010, Robustel is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with branch offices in Germany, Australia, Japan, the UK, the US, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. With over 300 employees, Robustel and its network of over 70 global distribution partners serve enterprises of all sizes in diverse vertical markets, including smart cities, retail, energy, security, industrial automation, building automation, and transportation.