About the Application

Viaport Marina, sprawling across approximately 600 thousand square meters in Tuzla, Istanbul, embarked on its service journey in May 2015. A theme park, Lion Park, aquarium, shopping mall, Aqua Park, and a marina are all included in this multifunctional site, which comes with an open-air architecture. The Theme Park within Viaport Marina comprises 28 distinct entertainment units.


To ensure the seamless and monitored entry of visitors into Viaport Marina Theme Park, a Turnstile Passage System was deemed necessary.


In order to accomplish the primary objective, which was to collect and report transition data in a reliable manner, a robust communication system was required.


The Challenge

For the Turnstile Access System to effectively collect and transmit data, information from the Barcode card readers on the turnstiles needed to be seamlessly sent to the central system via a 4G router.


The fact that the turnstiles were made of metal, which had the potential to become quite hot when exposed to the sun, presented a challenge because it was necessary to have communication technology that could function well in temperatures that were exceptionally high.


In addition to this, the router that was chosen needed to guarantee the collection of data without any loss, ease of configuration, and manageability of the device.

Using Robustel’s R1510-4L Industrial 4G router for Viaport Marina Theme Park Turnstile Passage System

Why is Robustel's R1510-4L industrial 4G router chosen for the Turnstile Access System?

The Turnstile Access System was selected to utilize the R1510-4L industrial 4G router manufactured by Robustel due to the following key features:


Stable Network Connection

In order to guarantee the reliability of the data transmission from the Turnstile Access System, the device offered a network connection that was continually stable.


Adverse Weather Resistance

This router remains resilient in harsh weather conditions, operating smoothly from 25 to 75°C. Ideal for outdoor applications, such as the demanding environment at Viaport Marina, the R1510-4L ensures your connectivity stays rock-solid even when the weather tries to play havoc.


Redundant Connection Support

In the event that there were problems with the network, the router provided auto-failover functionality, which ensured that there was a redundant link to prevent any delays.


RCMS Cloud Management Platform

In addition to improving the overall system's dependability, the provision of free support for the RCMS cloud management platform made device administration more convenient and effective.


Performance and Affordability

As a result of its superior performance in comparison to its counterparts, the R1510-4L proved to be an economical choice for Viaport Marina.


Remote Quick Restart

The R1510-4L industrial 4G router enabled remote quick restarts in case of a device outage, effectively reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operation.


Compact and Durable

The powerful needs of the Turnstile Access System were met by the router, which was designed with a casing that was both solid and efficient in terms of area – making it perfect for outdoor environments.


The Results

Viaport Marina Theme Park's Turnstile Passage System has seen a considerable improvement in both the reliability and efficiency of data transfer as a result of the use of Robustel's R1510-4L. Due to its ruggedness, weather resilience, and low cost, the router is ideal for outdoor, harsh-condition applications.


For businesses seeking a reliable and resilient solution for data transmission in challenging outdoor environments, consider incorporating Robustel’s R1510-4L industrial 4G router.


To learn more about how the R1510-4L may improve the effectiveness of your data transmission systems, get in touch with Robustel right away.