KoolZone was founded in 2015 in Germany and now has global headquarters in Henley-on-Thames in the UK, then focusing on monitoring refrigeration temperatures as a disruptor to the manually intensive practices employed by the food sector to meet food safety standards.

However, it soon became apparent that MaaS (Monitoring-as-a-Service) using plug-and-play long-range wireless technology (LoRaWAN) was the key to safety, compliance, and cost reduction across a wide range of industries.



Koozone worked closely with Robustel's Global IoT Solutions Architect, David Evans to solve two critical business challenges for Vaccination Monitoring.

  1. Installing Sensors Inside Fridges - Koolzone sensors use powerful long range (LoRaWAN) wireless communications, which easily transmit data through the walls of freezers to the Robustel gateway.
  2. Reliability of 3G/4G communication - Using Robustel Smart Roaming in all deployed R3000-LG LoRaWAN Gateways Koolzone were able to achieve excellent overall estate uptime on 3G/4G connections.