About the Project

In areas of Malatya facing inadequate water infrastructure, drinking water is supplied through boreholes.  Monitoring the water level and its condition is crucial especially for efficient distribution and safeguarding public health.


Robustel's industrial routers play a pivotal role in the integration process of Smart Well Water Tracking System with the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. This integration enables remote monitoring and data collection. By facilitating remote monitoring and data collection it proactively mitigates the risk of equipment malfunctions.

MASKI Well Water Monitoring System Project(1)

To optimize efficiency, energy savings, and timely responses to malfunctions, adding robust communication equipment is essential.

Monitoring parameters such as well pressure, water flow rate, and chlorine levels remotely ensures the well's efficient operation.


A comparable infrastructure was needed in Malatya to oversee water well data via sensors and chlorine measuring devices; therefore, routers with multiple interfaces, including RS485, Ethernet, and I/O, were essential. 


Datech Automation, the system integrator for the MASK Water Well Monitoring Project, selected routers from Robustel due to their versatile functionality and practical attributes.


Robustel's R1511 and R3000 Lite series routers were chosen to transmit data to the control center. The routers' functionality in industrial infrastructures, support for multiple interfaces, and practical software attributes including effortless remote administration and automatic restarting all played a role in the decision-making process.


Key Features of Robustel's Industrial 4G Routers

Stable Communication for Industrial Infrastructures

Robustel’s routers are designed for industrial infrastructure for reliable connectivity. 

This dependable application connectivity in complicated and dynamic situations where data transfer is essential for efficient operation.


Versatile Interface Support

By supporting RS485, Ethernet, and I/O interfaces, Robustel routers are very compatible. This flexibility provides smooth interaction with industrial equipment and systems, meeting varying communication needs.


Easy Remote Management

Robustel’s routers include software for remote management.  Administrators can remotely manage both the Robustel's router itself and the assets and devices connected to the router. By remotely monitoring and controlling any equipment, this saves servicing costs.

For industrial connectivity, Robustel routers are simple, flexible, and robust. They provide industrial applications' high performance and reliability with many ports, stable connectivity, and simple management software.


The Results

In order to enable the effective execution of the MASKİ Well Water Tracking System Project, GSL made certain that a timely supply of goods was maintained and offered essential technical assistance throughout the installation and configuration phases. 

Real-time data transfer and simplified control were both made possible as a result of the integration of Robustel's routers, especially the use of R1511-4L and R3000, which resulted in a considerable improvement in the functionality and dependability of the well water monitoring system.