A Practical Guide to 3G_4G Router Security_cover

This white-paper from Robustel introduces a selection of core security concepts associated with deploying cellular (3G/4G) Routers and Gateways.


The architecture of these deployments typically involves a router, a SIM card and a connected ‘end’ device such as a PLC, IP Camera, BMS Controller, media player or other similar device at the edge, using publicly available cellular networks to move data from the edge to the cloud.


This Whitepaper consists of 5 sections:

  1. Choice of SIM Card - Reducing risk for malicious activity through selecting a secure SIM Card and reliable provider
  2. Physical Security - Making sure you consider the physical access options to your device not just virtual
  3. Wi-Fi Security - Managing security holes made through a public SSID
  4. VPN Options - How to carry traffic securely and reliably across the public internet
  5. Robustel Specific Considerations - How to optimise your Robustel hardware for maximum security

White-paper - A Practical Guide to 3G 4G IoT Router Security
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