S011007-S011012 Pluggable Terminal BLOCK POWER SUPPLY 12W

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Parameter Rated Value Absolute Maximum
Input Voltage 100 ~ 240VAC 90 ~ 264VAC
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz 47 ~ 63 Hz
Input Current(@100-240 VAC) 0.4A
Inrush Current(@100-240 VAC) 60A
Output Voltage 12 VDC 12VDC±5%
Output Current 0 ~ 1.0A
Overshoot 10%
Certification IEC 62368-1:2014(Second Edition)
Short-Circuit Protection
Input Protection Fuse
HIPOT (Dielectric Withstand Test) 3000VAC
MTBF 20000 h
Input Plug&Part Number Global* UK US CN AU EU
S011007 S011008 S011009 S011010 S011011 S011012
*Note: The UK plug, US plug, AU plug, and EU plug are all included in Global version.
Output Connector Pluggable terminal block, 3-pin, 5.0 mm pitch with lock
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