Robustel today announced the company has been selected as an excellent technology manufacturer in the report "Analysis of China's Industrial Edge Market" by IDC's report "China Industrial Edge Market Analysis" where they evaluated the current state and future of industrial edge technology.


IDC (International Data Corporation) predicts a total IT spending of 65.82 billion CNY (9.56 billion USD) by 2026 due to four technical directions: edge intelligence, IoT management and control, software-defined industrial control, and 5G private network.


In their report, IDC commended Robustel's EG series gateways that possess computing power matching PCs', as well as their RobustOS Pro operating system which can optimize hardware capabilities for different applications scenarios; thus producing hardware with great flexibility and speed.


Robustel EG series gateways are its latest industrial edge computing gateways. This new range of fully integrated and cost-effective gateways comes with RobustOS Pro, a powerful Debian based operating system that supports Docker-based applications. With this, customers can quickly develop, test, and deploy new applications in any language they prefer, as well as access over 50,000 existing applications in the Debian repository.


The Robustel Edge Gateway series is suitable for IoT applications such as Robotics, Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles, Camera based image recognition, and Real-Time Energy & Grid Management. It enables data processing at the network edge to prevent unnecessary network noise and congestion from high volumes of data being streamed over the cellular network.


Additionally, IDC acknowledged Robustel’s comprehensive layout of hardware along with powerful software tools such as equipment digital twins, online PLC programming and real-time control, visual AI detection, image recognition etc., helping various industries transform digitally into a more connected future.


About Robustel
Robustel is a cellular router & gateway manufacturer specialising in 5G, 4G/LTE & LPWAN devices. Our products are used in smart cities, transportation, utilities, energy and Industrial IoT and many other applications to deliver robust and reliable connectivity.