robustel and sdchain

Robustel, the leading industrial IoT/M2M Hardware and Solution Provider, has announced a strategic cooperation with SDChain Alliance. The company will use the SDChain blockchain technology, which is optimized for the IoT, to combine with Robustel’s advantages in IoT device and cloud management platform, as well as years of experience in end-to-end IoT solutions. Both companies will team up to explore innovative applications of blockchain technology in the IoT field.

The distributed network architecture of blockchain technology provides a mechanism to maintain consensus among IoT devices, without the need for verification with the center to address security threats and protect user privacy. Blockchain technology can provide point-to-point direct interconnection for data transfer, greatly reducing the cost of computing and storage. It can also superimpose smart contracts to turn each smart device into an independent network node that can be self-maintained and regulated, thereby to extend the life cycle and reduce the operating cost of IoT solution.

Yi Huang, Vice President of Robustel, said “the integration with blockchain is the trend of the future development of the IoT. We believe that SDChain, as the leading industry blockchain technology, can empower Robustel to better achieve our vision ‘Make Things Connected’. “David Pan, CEO of SDChain, also stated that, “SDChain Alliance is proud to be strategically aligned with Robustel, which possesses strong technical strength and rich market experience. Through levaraging the value of the blockchain, we will explore the potential of innovative applications with IoT and blockchain technologies together.”

About Robustel
Robustel is a leading industrial IoT and M2M hardware and solution provider. Since its establishment in 2010 in Guangzhou, China, Robustel has been providing industrial cellular routers, gateways, modems, cloud platforms, and E2E solutions to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company´s solutions aim at smart grids, oil & gas, the financial sector, security & surveillance, industrial automation, eHealth, and many other industries. Robustel has local offices in Germany, Australia, Japan, UK, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. Customers include leading mobile operators such as AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Rogers, SingTel, Teliasonera, Vodafone, etc.

About SDChain Alliance
SDChain is a public blockchain that fully considers the technical characteristics of IoT and the needs of ecosystem development. Based on the existing blockchain technology, SDChain carries out in-depth optimization to effectively realize the circulation and value transformation of digital assets under credit and promote the IoT business model.
The SDChain Alliance, established in Canada, makes full use of blockchain for different IoT applications, providing efficient decentralized services with a globally-integrated ecosystem of blockchain and IoT.