Robustel M2M solutions can withstand harsh environments in extreme temperatures, humidity and are prone to shocks/vibrations or severe changes in speed which would normally interfere with the optimal operation of integrated SIM cards.

Applications include connecting and remotely monitoring of vehicle fleets, solar power arrays and any other remote devices that requires cellular connectivity as either primary or as a redundant network.

This is achievable with the new technology,  M2M Form Factor (MFF) SIM chips, which are embedded into Robustel’s  R3000 routers for high reliability M2M service in extreme conditions.

About MFF SIM Chips

M2M form factor (MFF) SIM chips, is a new technology and standard for embedded SIM cards with SMD packaging, are M2M optimized to:
1. Survive extremes of vibration, temperature, and humidity
2. Endure a long life span (ex: 10 years)
3. Occupy a small footprint (miniaturization)
4. Withstand and integrate into industrial manufacturing processes