The origin of Brand Logo:

Since establishment, Robustel has stepped into more than 80+ countries with a Red Bold Italic and highlighted logo-Robustel, which symbolizes the corporate value and acknowledged by customers with high loyalty and approval.
Since 5 years development, Robustel becomes a bigger family with more than 100 People till the end of 2015, including subsidiaries in Australia, Germany, Japan and Thailand following by Hong Kong Office. Looking forward, Robustel will continuously engage itself in Industrial IoT market by offering secure, reliable, stable and smart E2E solutions, in order to help the traditional industrial enterprise to master the digital transformation in terms of Industry 4.0 or China Manufacture 2025.
To celebrate its past, present and much anticipated future, we are launching a new brand logo to reflect our new development era whilst maintaining the deep-rooted heritage: Customer-centric, Product-oriented, and People-oriented.
Logo Paraphrase
The New Logo is composed of R, S, L while looking from the front direction.

  • R for Robust & Reliable

As an Industrial IoT Hardware Manufacturer and Solution Provider, we continue excelling in product quality and professional service as our key Brand value.

  • S for Simple & Secure

Information Security has been becoming Customers’ most concerned items when deploying IoT solutions. We create values for customers by providing reliable and secure IoT Communication Solution, and improving customers’ Experience.

  • L for Lively & loyal

Robustel is youthful and energetic. We engage ourselves in technology innovation; we respect the local culture and society; we work collaboratively with our employees, partners, suppliers and customers to solve problems and achieve goals.
When the logo is rotated with 45 degrees clockwise, it is recognized as a double sized arrow.
Arrow means interconnection, we connect things and human, enable the communication between things, automate the process with real-time data collected, and realize the smart planet as we can imagine.
We connect for YOU, robustly!