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Take your industrial machine or equipment manufacturing business to the next level by pivoting to Equipment-As-A-Service. (EaaS)

The emergence of Industry 4.0 has seen an explosion of service-based businesses, with 5% to 10% annual business growth and 50% revenue generation from manufacturers who have added a services component.*

What Does Equipment-As-A-Service Mean?

Let’s use an example. Michelin tyres are a well-known global brand. In 2013, they expanded from simply manufacturing tyres to develop EFFITIRES, a separate tyre management service. EFFITIRES offer their customers fleet-wide tyre safety inspections and outsourced tyre replacement on a price-per-kilometre system.**


Equipment as a service infographic

Where Does the IoT Fit?

Michelin is able to offer this service by leveraging vehicle tracking and telematics data from embedded sensors, to determine tread wear and other important factors. They provide these tyre usage and fleet activity reports to their customers, who can take the appropriate action where necessary.

The benefits for the fleets that utilise this service include:

  • Less tyre-related downtime across the fleet
  • Fewer, and more efficient maintenance interventions
  • Improving mileage performance/fuel efficiency
  • Managing safety and regulatory compliance.

Regardless of equipment type or industry, the key value for the customer lies in tracking and streamlining their operational expenditures (OpEx) to reduce downtime, particularly as they transition from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operational costs.


How Can Robustel Help

You too can increase revenue by offering EaaS - all you need is the right solution.

Our business is Making Things Connected, through our range of modems, routers and RCMS, our cloud management platform.

The first step would be to talk to one our many knowledgeable IoT Solutions architects, who will get to understand your specific issues and path to market before recommending a solution. Our team will work with you closely to find a Robustel product and regional partner that will help suit your specific needs.

To get in touch with Robustel and arrange a discussion with one of our solutions architects contact us today –

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